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Vertical slurry pump


    Brief Introduction for Vertical Slurry Pump:
    1. ZJL series of vertical slurry pump can be immersed into liquid, to be used for pumping abrasive and erosive, coarse particles and high intensity slurry, no need to require any shaft seal or shaft seal water. It can be normal work even the feed-in rate is not enough. The series of pump The series of pump integrated the advantages of similar products of both home and abroad then make innovations in hydraulic design, structure design and flow-parts material. It has good characteristics of energy-efficient, small vibration, low noise, stable operation, long service life, and etc. The overall performance of the pump is ranked at the leading level in nation, while most of the pump efficiency index ranks at the international advanced level. The series of pump widely applied in coal mining(coal slurry and dense media transportation), metallurgy (mineral slurry transportation), thermal power generation( hydraulic ash removal ), building material and other slurry pumping industry that contains the corrosion and erosion solid particles, etc.
    2. Structure of Vertical Slurry Pump: This series of slurry pump use international advanced liquid-solid two-phase flow principle to design the products in accordance with optimized principle, to make its flowing-parts' geometric shape is in line with the medias flowing state and shape, that eliminated the hydraulic loss between the vortex flow and impact sectors and the linear. Thereby the flowing-parts wear has been reduced, and the hydraulic efficiency been improved, the operation noise and vibrations also been lowered.
    3. MOC of Vertical Slurry Pump: This series of pump use high hardness high chromium alloy cast material, which has high wear-resistant, high corrosion-resistant, good anti-impact performance, thereby the service life has been extended. In additional, the pump use power voltage-reduction, then the slurry is assured that not easy to leak out.
    4. Operation of Vertical Slurry Pump: Mainly applied in mineral beneficiation plant ( pumping the concentrations and tailings), thermal power generation (pumping the ash and slag), coal washing plant( pumping the coal slime), also used for pumping the slurry from heavy media coal washing plant, and sand-slurry from coastal and river sand-excavation works site, and etc. The biggest concentration weight of processing slurry is ash slurry 45%, mineral slurry 60%.

    Meanings of the model: 80ZJL-A36
    ZJ----Slurry Pump
    L----Vertical Type Pump
    80----Press Out Opening size is 80mm
    A----Nos. Of impeller is 5pcs
    36---- Impeller Diameter is 360mm

    ZJL Series of Vertical Slurry Pump Performance Parameters :

Model Max.Power  (kw)   Clean Water Performance Max. Interval Through Size  (mm) Weight  (kg)
Flow Rate Q(m3/h) Pumping Head H(m) Rotate Speed n(r/min) Max. Efficiency η(%)
150ZJL-A35 37 99-364 3.0-17.9 490-980 68.1 10 800
100ZJL-A34 45 74-293 5.5-36.8 700-1480 65.1 10 630
80ZJL-A36 45 50-201 7.3-45.5 700-1480 58.2 10 650
65ZJL-A30 18.5 18-98 5.9-34.7 700-1470 51.9 8 650
50ZJL-A35 22 26-57 14-47.1 700-1470 48 8 260
50ZJL-20 4 8-38 1.4-10.7 700-1440 38.6 10 240
40ZJL-A21 4 6.0-25.9 5.6-17 910-1440 44.6 10 240


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