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    Figure 5-22 is a spoon pipe and joint regulation valve schematic. Here, the signal is manipulated by the boiler load any clothes dryer, when the boiler water increases, the servo to "ten" to rotate the drive rod through the counterclockwise rotation of the rack, driving down the right side of a spoon once, reducing oil outflow and the left cam decreased pressure regulating valve piston, increasing the work of the oil slurry pumps manufacturer to the oil port opening, so that the slurry pumps manufacturering hydraulic coupling increases, the number of revolutions up. When the boiler water was reduced, the adjustment process is contrary to the above. 

     Slurry the coupling device is provided with a heat exchanger, in a timely manner to the working oil away frictional heat, oil, and the coupling to prevent excessive temperature rise. Tube heat exchanger placed in adjustable spoon after flowlines trail. 

    Hydraulic coupling is characterized by smooth running, low noise, durable, easy to adjust, and there are a good economy, you can turn ratio was 20-98% range. 

    Large capacity of the unit system unit, the feed slurry pumps manufacturer power consumption of large, in order to change working conditions to the slurry pumps manufacturer still very economical to run, the best way is to change its speed to be adjusted with hydraulic coupling and auxiliary steam turbine to achieve this objective. axis turbine itself to help speed it easy to adjust, so there is no problem using the hydraulic coupling, hydraulic coupling is used in the slurry pumps manufacturer motor to drag on. With hydraulic coupling to the slurry pumps manufacturer and the auxiliary feedwater slurry pumps manufacturer turbine drag compared to the ignition to start the unit, the former start simple and convenient, while the latter lacks steam source. But high-speed turbine can be made, such as the 5000-8000 rev / min, to meet the requirements of high-speed slurry pumps manufacturers, and motors are subject to restrictions on the grid frequency is not quiet over 3000 rev / min, in order to drag the high-speed slurry pumps manufacturer, then even after geared. In modern large capacity units towels, each unit is equipped with a 100% main feed slurry pumps manufacturers and a combined 50% of the start the standby feed slurry pumps manufacturer. Auxiliary feedwater slurry pumps manufacturer turbine main drag, in normal use, start the standby feed slurry pumps manufacturer motor drag at startup (crew did not steam source) and accident conditions of use, in order to reduce motor starting torque thus reducing motor The installed capacity, and in order to adapt the unit when the ignition start working conditions (low pressure required flow rate), start the standby feed slurry pumps manufacturer is equipped with a hydraulic couplings.   Feed slurry pumps manufacturer rotor is in hot water to work. The water temperature can not be constant, such as high-pressure feed slurry pumps manufacturer 150 ℃, warm slurry pumps manufacturer provides low temperature limit of 120 ℃, if the time to start the slurry pumps manufacturer, the slurry pumps manufacturer is bound to be affected by a rapid rise from the 120 ℃ 150 ℃ for thermal shock. Thus, the rotor impeller, file sets and other heat quickly, try to turn the slurry pumps manufacturer elongation. And the shaft is heated slowly, impede elongation, so the thermal stress generated within the rotor member. In particular the impeller, the stall sleeve and the shaft is not perpendicular to the end face, the heat slurry pumps manufacturer easy to make the bending stress, the occurrence of wear and vibration. Therefore, thermal compensation device should be located. Figure 5-4 shows the typical structure, i.e. in the last stage impeller, fitted with a disk-shaped spring, when the rotor wheel try axially elongated thermal shock, the spring pressure contraction, thereby protecting the shaft is not affected. In the thermal shock to a negative direction (i.e., a sudden drop in water temperature), the impeller is axially shortened. However, this phenomenon on the shaft wells no harm, because the impeller axial thrust generated enormous automatically put it forward biasing, balance disc under the action of the counterweight is pressed against the back, where you can disc-shaped spring What role can not afford that. Because of this, the majority of subsequent to the slurry pumps manufacturer, leaving a gap on the use of alternatives to the disc-shaped spring, in Figure 5-5 (a), (b), (c), (d) shows. A clearance on the rotor, the rotor is subjected to thermal shock, thermal expansion of its components get compensated. 

    Also do not advocate leaving thermal compensation gap, then the entire rotor rigidly tight together. Since the impeller hub, file sets and other solid as a whole, so enhancing the stiffness of the rotor. However, at this time, in order to prevent the shaft is bent, paying particular attention to the shaft end surface of the rotor member of the vertical hole, or even not more than 0.005 mm vertical. Available in Figure 5 an 6.Shown with respect to face tire grinding, grinding on the plate with a dial indicator runout. 

    The above discussion, principally on the thermal shock effects of thermal expansion of the rotor, and did not talk about the material Peng expansion coefficient of thermal expansion of the rotor. In fact, expansion of the material transferred to the thermal expansion coefficient is also influential, such as cast iron impeller large expansion coefficient than the shaft, the temperature rises, the slurry pumps manufacturer impeller will be more spread out than some thermal stress caused by the slurry pumps manufacturer axis tension, compression impeller. However, the expansion coefficients of thermal stress caused by the different thermal shock are generally not the rotor is caused by thermal stress so big so intense. So expansion coefficient as the main reason for leaving compensation gap, but mainly due to thermal shock. For some slurry pumps manufacturer rotor (such as shaft material is 40GrV, impeller material 2Cr13), the impeller than the expansion coefficient of the shaft is also small, so the temperature will appear after transferred to a small gap therebetween. 

    Under a thermal compensation gap size, temperature, etc., required values are different, generally not less than 0.5 mm, often taken. 1 mm.Because the water slurry pumps manufacturer to send the water temperature is higher, if heating is not sufficient before starting the slurry pumps manufacturer, the slurry pumps manufacturer body temperature distribution is uneven, there is the phenomenon of the heat under the cool. Such expansion of multi-slurry pumps manufacturer upper and lower expansion less, there hance (ie intermediate rises, two side sinking), some of the internal gap disappears, couplings Center destruction. If you then turn will inevitably occur vibration, wear and tear and so on. In addition, before starting the slurry pumps manufacturer body is more coarse than the deaerator tank temperature is low, the slurry pumps manufacturer does not warm temperatures lower case, so that when it starts, the slurry pumps manufacturer will suffer larger thermal shock, ie through direct contact with water fast stream to thermal, swelling rapidly, and some parts are not directly in contact with the water slurry pumps manufacturer shaft and the outer shell, such as Bi, etc., heat slowly, slow expansion. The expansion rate of the thermal stress caused uneven, the greater the degree of uneven expansion rate, the greater thermal stress, it is easy to cause the slurry pumps manufacturer casing skewed rotor bending. At the same time, also make the middle joint surface generated leakage, due to rapid expansion of the slurry pumps manufacturer chamber when the tightness of the joint surface will weaken the middle. So before starting to slurry pumps manufacturer warm slurry pumps manufacturers. 

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