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Adjustment device Adjustment means is a large axial flow fan major component. Mechanical adjustment mechanism regulating device and hydraulic adjustment two Category, for large axial fan with hydraulic adjustment as well, a detailed structure, principle see Chapter VI. Section II power plant commonly used slurry pump manufacturer and the typical structure of the fan A, slurry pump manufacturer typical structure (A) the boiler feed water slurry pump manufacturer structure Boiler feed water slurry pump manufacturer thermal power plants is one of the important auxiliary equipment, and its role is to high temperature water heated up oxygen Pressure and rushed to a rated pressure boiler. Water slurry pump manufacturer must uninterrupted water supply to the boiler, in order to ensure the safe operation of the boiler. Early domestic 20OM W unit configured water slurry pump manufacturer for the half-capacity DG400-180 type, transmission temperature of 160 `C, a pressure of 17. 6MPa, power of 4000kW; existing configuration CHTA50 / 5 type full capacity water slurry pump manufacturer group (Shenyang water slurry pump manufactur er plant the introduction of West German technology manufacturing), transmission temperature of 185 `C, a pressure of 17. 06MPa, power of 5500kW; also configured by the French Sulzer slurry pump manufacturer designed DG750-180 (YGO1 type) full-capacity water slurry pump manufacturer, delivery temperature of 160 `C, a pressure of 17. 4MPa, Power of 5500kW. Currently water slurry pump manufacturer specifications of the type more commonly used in several types are presented. 1 of segmented multi-stage centrifugal slurry pump manufacturer Segmented multistage centrifugal slurry pump manufacturer, shown in Figure 1-30. It is for the domestic 20OMW units supporting the DG400-180type, and from Water segment, several vertical segments, tap the middle of the water segment, the guide vanes and other components, with 12 thick and long stud tightening Combination.

Its inlet and outlet are vertically upward, is a single shell, supported at both ends, horizontal single-suction multi-stage centrifugal Type water slurry pump manufacturer. Segmented multistage centrifugal slurry pump manufacturer when the pressure reaches 29. 43MPa, temperature of 230'C when, slurry pump man ufacturerbody requires high strength combined James Bond, the fastening bolts to use with titanium alloy production. 2 cylindrical multi-stage centrifugal slurry pump manufacturer Domestic 20OMW units supporting full capacity slurry pump manufacturer cylindrical shell structure DG750-180 type (YGO1 type) water slurry pumpmanufacturer, mainly by pre-slurry pump manufacturer, hydraulic coupling, the main water supply slurry pump manufacturer and motor four major components, known as electric hydraulic control water supply sl urry pump manufacturer Group, as shown in Figure 1-31 and Figure 1-32. Front slurry pump manufacturer to QGO1 type, single-stage single-suction cantilever centrifugal slurry pump manufacturer, operating speed is1487r/min, used to ensure that the main Water inlet pressure slurry pump manufacturer in order to meet its required NPSH. Main feedwater slurry pump manufacturer is based on the French kind of slurry pump manufacturer Sulzer design, core Figure 1-32 DG750-180 water slurry pump manufacturer System Schematic Package with a combination of bullet cartridge, including a complete rotor, vanes, the inner shell slurry pump manufacturer, population deflector, outlet end Cover, mechanical seal and bearing, etc.. By a slurry pump manufacturer entire rotor shaft, impeller, balance drum, thrust plate and semi-couplings and other components. Main Water slurry pump manufacturer rated speed of 6021r/min, can be changed within the range 2000-6021r/min speed to meet a significant peaking The 20OMW unit sliding pressure operation, also apply to base load. Figure 1-33 shows, the unit is equipped with a foreign 130OMW 49300kW cylindrical water slurry pump manufacturer. Its parameters are: flow 4400t / h; inlet pressure 1. 26MPa; outlet pressure 31. 5MPa; inlet temperature of 168 C; Speed 4160r/min; series 4; shaft power 49300kW; Efficiency88% The slurry pump manufacturer using steel cylindrical housing, a first-class double-suction impeller with 13Cr steel cast, and the remaining threeimpeller with 5Cr Steel. Impeller axial force balanced by the balance drum and the other has a thrust bearing, floating ring seal.

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