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    Although there are many strengths centrifugal slurry pumps manufacturer, but it also has its weaknesses, such as the need to prime the slurry pumps manufacturer before starting the liquid viscosity on slurry pumps manufacturer performance have a greater impact. Limiting viscosity transmission fluid slurry pumps manufacturer shown in Figure 1-2, the figure ηw is transported room temperature water when the slurry pumps manufacturer efficiency. Figure 1-2 shows that the flow of a centrifugal slurry pumps manufacturer, the viscosity of a corresponding limit, if the liquid viscosity, the viscosity exceeds this limit, the slurry pumps manufacturer efficiency will be rapidly reduced, or even not work.Reciprocating motion of the piston to transport liquids device called a piston slurry pumps manufacturer. 

    Piston slurry pumps manufacturer must be equipped with two check valves. In drawing the liquid, piston lift slurry pumps manufacturer cavity to form negative pressure. Then check the water side of the wide differential in the role of self-determination and off while the water side of the check valve opens, allowing the liquid into the slurry pumps manufacturer chamber. In the extruding liquid, the piston downward descent, slurry pumps manufacturer chamber pressure increases, the water check valve closed, water check valve is open, fluid access to export pipelines. 

    Visible, piston slurry pumps manufacturers work is intermittent in nature. It is isolated from the outlet and inlet, outlet pressure can be up to high. Because it has this feature, you can live in for pressure testing slurry pumps manufacturers, air coolers with its generators, heat oil cooler, heater, boiler, etc. for less grip pressure test. Figure 6-9 is a manual piston slurry pumps manufacturer, pressure is not very high, a large electric piston slurry pumps manufacturers the pressure is higher. 

    Is the use of a high energy jet slurry pumps manufacturer fluid through the nozzle at high speed after the formation of the negative pressure generated to absorb fluid devices. 

    High speed of the nozzle outlet a negative pressure why it? This is because the high speed jet of fluid around the fluid energy coerced along the diffuser pipe movement. In the diffusion tube, the speed gradually slow speed can transform into pressure energy. This pressure is greater than the external atmospheric pressure, the fluid in the diffuser flow outwardly. 

    The injector is characterized by simple and reliable, continuous, no moving parts, and long life; but the nozzle debris easily blocked, and the efficiency is low, the maximum is 30% (in the volume of injection coefficient u = v2/v1 1, the efficiency decreased. when v is greater than 1 or less than 1, the efficiency decreased. v1 v2, respectively, the working fluid and the volume of the liquid is transferred) to a liquid called fluid coupling power transmission couplings. The liquid is commonly used oils (such as # 22 turbine oil). 

     Slurry slurry pumps manufacturer hydraulic coupling mainly by the wheel, run round and rotating inner sleeve and other components. Slurry slurry pumps manufacturer impeller and rotating inner sleeve and the drive shaft (such as motors) linked to the turbine is driven shaft (slurry pumps manufacturer) linked. Each wheel has a radial vanes within 20-40 pieces, in order to prevent resonance, the turbine impeller blades were generally less than 1 to 4. 

    When the slurry pumps manufacturer wheel rotates, due to centrifugal force, the working oil to the periphery rejection to and along the bowl-shaped cavity into the turbine. This part of the liquid has great kinetic energy in the rotating direction, and thus the impulse turbine wheel rotates along with a slurry pumps manufacturer. But they are not exactly the same speed, because the liquid does not have rigidity, if they are rotated in the same number of revolutions, the working oil will no longer impact the turbine, and thus the power transmission does not occur. Usually the slurry pumps manufacturer and the turbine wheel slip rate of 3 to 4%. The working oil into the turbine in the final effluent and from the turbine, the slurry pumps manufacturer wheel to regain energy. This cycle, the working oil finished at the slurry pumps manufacturer wheel and turbine cycle and the drive shaft of the torque to the driven shaft. The more working oil, the greater the power transmitted, the turbine speed also increases, while the working oil is reduced, the situation is opposite to the above. Therefore, the speed of adjustment hydraulic coupling is achieved by changing the working oil to achieve. How to change the oil it work? There are basically two kinds of measures: First, change the working oil into the oil, the second is to change the working out of fuel oil. The former set of work by another slurry pumps manufacturer to control and regulate Court. Which in turn is controlled nozzles and spoon pipe. Nozzles provided in the rotary inner sleeve, shown in Figure 5-21, since the nozzle hole is small and the operation can not adjust its size, so the power unit case of an accident the load rejection to the slurry pumps manufacturer can not meet the requirements of rapid deceleration ( that can not be quickly working oil vent out). Thus in fact widely used to change the oil pipe spoon. In this configuration, the radial position of spoon tube is adjustable to change its radial position, the change of the oil into the scoop tube velocity head. Therefore, the more improved scoop tube, out of the working oil discharge more, and rely on the drain of energy flow to a heat exchanger for cooling. When the power unit load rejection in the case of an accident required to slurry pumps manufacturer fast deceleration, as long as the radial position raise spoon pipe can quickly drain the oil release work, so as to achieve the purpose of quick deceleration. But when the crew quickly load cases required to slurry pumps manufacturer up speed quickly, the spoon tube but can not adapt, then by the working oil slurry pumps manufacturers to complete.

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