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Cavitation damage to the flow of slurry pump parts are there?

Definition of cavitation phenomena; mainly includes parts of slurry pump impeller, jacket, shield, volute, pump, pump cover; cavitation phenomena which affect the slurry pump parts? Data show that when the water flow to the high-pressure zone vacuoles are rapidly condense, collapse when the flow of particles to the center of the high-speed impact of the vacuole, have a strong impact, this impact force at the wall of the pump casing and impeller, its moment the partial pressure can reach tens to hundreds of MPa, and the role of frequency up to 2-3 million times per minute. Pump wall under repeated impact of the role of high-strength metal surface produce localized brittle deformation and hardening, resulting in fatigue, cracking and peeling of the metal.

In addition to the mechanical effect, mingled with water escaping live Fa gases (such as oxygen) and water to chemical corrosion of metal-to-metal electrochemical corrosion, etc., under the combined effect, slurry wall was initially pitting, culminating in the honeycomb. When the wall is a serious breakdown in the short term.

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