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Centrifugal slurry pumps manufacturers (including slurry) of the work process, in fact, an energy transfer and conversion process. It motor speed rotating mechanical energy, the blade passes through the slurry pumps manufacturer and is slurry pumps manufacturered up into the pressure energy and kinetic energy of the fluid.

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Industry Uses


Slurry pumps manufacturer use

Slurry can be widely used in mining, electricity, metallurgy, coal, environmental protection and other industries conveying solid particles containing abrasive slurry. Such as metallurgy election



Mine slurry transportation, power plant hydraulic ash, coal washery and heavy medium coal slurry transportation, dredging, river dredging. In the chemical industry, but also transport some of the corrosive slurry containing crystals.

First, in the concentrator applications, about 80% are used in the mining industry concentrator. As primary ore more serious condition, so in this section, the slurry pumps manufacturer service life is generally low. Of course, different ore, abrasive is not the same. If the concentrate transportation and other relatively abrasive section decreases, the slurry pumps manufacturer's overall life will be longer. So the average user in the procurement process frequently asked suppliers product life problems when strictly speaking any one manufacturer so the user does not unfounded promises an accurate life cycle because the life flow components (wear resistant parts) life depends on many different factors, working conditions lead to the diversity and complexity of the same quality of material life there is a difference. But in the pre-selection phase allows the strength of the manufacturer to make reasonable working conditions for their selection and design.

Secondly, in the power sector, mainly power plants. At present, China mainly thermal power plants and hydro power generation in thermal power plants, due to a large number of coal-fired power generation, coal slag or ash after needs to be cleared, slurry pumps manufacturers are used in addition to the role of ash, slag by mixing After a certain amount of water through the slurry to be transported to the place where the ash pile, it is sometimes also become the plant ash slurry pumps manufacturers.

Again, in the coal industry, because of different conditions, a large coal, coal gangue prone to clogging, slurry pumps manufacturer design for demanding.Huaibei Mining Bureau in 2005 under a coal washery using specially designed to replace the original slurry imported from Australia, has normal operation, transporting large coal gangue no plug, use wear life than imported slurry pumps manufacturers.

Selected areas in the sea sand, slurry applications also began to be recognized by our customers. But the election of sand in the sea, the river where dredging slurry pumps manufacturer sand slurry pumps manufacturer more likely to be called, dredging slurry pumps manufacturers. Although it is called mixed, but from the structural characteristics and slurry pumps manufacturer performance in terms of principle, can be known as slurry. Therefore, in this election sand sea sand slurry pumps manufacturer, we often referred to, which is customary in the dredging called dredging slurry pumps manufacturers.

While extensive use of slurry, but the right application is very important. Slurry limitations due to its name itself makes some non-industry people to misunderstand, in fact, mud slurry pumps manufacturer, trash slurry pumps manufacturer, dredging slurry pumps manufacturers, dredging slurry pumps manufacturers, and so the scope of application of slurry. In the slurry pumps manufacturer application process, be sure to pay attention to the rational design, the correct calculation, the appropriate selection, these points are very important.

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(A) the slurry pumps manufacturer does not turn;

(2) insufficient slurry pumps manufacturer flow;

(3) packing at the leak;

(4) The slurry pumps manufacturer vibration, noise;

(5) bearing heating;

(6) short bearing life.


(1) volute solid hard sediment blockage of measures can be taken to clear the blockage.

(2) If the impeller or road blocking access to water can be taken to clean the impeller or piping. If impeller wear serious and should be taken replaced. Such as fillers mouth leak, should compression packing. Transport height is too high, the tube damage resistance is too large, reduce the transport height or decrease the resistance, the reasons for these failures, Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery variety of advanced technology research and development slurry pumps manufacturers, corrosion resistant, high lift, flow, etc. , widely used in various fields.

(3) If the shaft and Tim bin different axis, mainly due to processing error, incorrectly installed. Should be noted that after installation check for proper installation. Such as sealing water ring badly worn, replace new water ring. Such as sealing water tube blockage, water can not enter the packing seal packing wear and tear caused by the middle of fast, resulting in leakage of material. Deal with clogged pipes for dredging and maintaining seal water clean.

(4) 5:00 the following main reasons: ① media uneven density. Medium density caused by uneven slurry pumps manufacturer just started when vibration occurs when the slurry pumps manufacturer is normally turned on, the slurry pumps manufacturer vibration will disappear, this situation without treatment, just before driving, pay attention to the media with high-pressure wind are; ② slurry pumps manufacturer installation not level. The installation and operation of the slurry pumps manufacturer should be checked during the level. ③ have cavitation,the slurry pumps manufacturer impeller imbalance. Mounting height should be reduced, transfer a small water valve, reducing imports resistance. ④ suction pipe inlet uneven. Feed slurry pumps manufacturer should improve the situation, to enhance the uniformity and stability of the intake. ⑤ slurry pumps manufacturer bearing clearance larger. Bearing clearance too large, the vibration of the slurry pumps manufacturer, in the daily operation of the device should always observe the slurry pumps manufacturer and found that the slurry pumps manufacturer shaft and motor shaft misalignment or bearing damage should be promptly treated.

(5) has the following five o'clock reasons: ① unopened cold water or cooling water tank clogged, you should open the cooling water feature or clear cooling water. ② equipment lubrication is not good. Instructions should adjust the amount of lubricating oil. ③ dirty lubricating oil has impurities. Bearings should be cleaned, change oil. ④ thrust bearing in the wrong direction. For inlet pressure, adjust the direction of the thrust bearing. ⑤ bearing outlet blocked, causing the heat bearing cabinets can not be discharged, so that the device temperature. Response outlet for cleaning.

(6) has the following four reasons: ① asymmetric motor shaft and slurry pumps manufacturer shaft or not parallel. Should be adjusted to the motor shaft or shaft, if deformed or bent shaft directly replace the shaft. ② bearing assembly is unreasonable. The bearing and shaft reload, or replace bearings. ③ slurry pumps manufacturer impeller friction or loss of balance. Friction should be eliminated or replaced with new impellers. ④ poor lubrication. Too little can lead to excessive impurities bearing life is short, the bearing should be removed for cleaning before use. 

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