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According slurry pumps for sale bearing outer ring fixed the force can be divided into the following fixed way : 

    a unilateral force fixed 

    slurry pumps for sale bearing outer cover only one side of the sleeve is pressed against the order, while the other side is free state. This fixation has the following characteristics : 

    1. bearing only restricted in one direction, so in order to fix down the shaft must be restricted in the opposite direction using two bearings.

    2 Rolling easy pressure skewed ( ie, inside the outer ring of the bearing body run ) , it would disappear bearing axial clearance, rolling hard, wear heat. 

    3 there is any gap and the end cap bearing, the bearing will occur along the axial runout. 

    Axial gap left 0.25-0.5 mm, which is mainly on account changes in temperature can freely telescopic shaft. However, this structure is used in a small slurry pumps for sale, generally two rolling away what little, so little change in the temperature of the occasion to consider not leaving gaps. But be careful not to disappear bearing axial clearance itself. 

    Second, bilateral fixed force 

    simultaneously on both sides of the bearing outer ring of the bearing cap or bearing body pressed against. This fixation has the following characteristics : 

    1. fixed way reasonable, bearing either side will not traverse. 

    (2) does not produce skew rolling, rolling element bearing cap is not given additional force. 

    3 large span between two of the more order, changes in temperature axis stretching is also large, so the end of the slurry pumps for sale shaft bearings made of swimming. 

    A specific structure, (a), (b) for the sleeve bearing body, bearing to penetrate from one side. And (c) is a split-type bearing body, as long as the bearing cover removed, the bearing can be inserted. 

    Third, free fixed 

    that are made of two rolling swimming. This structure is only used in multi-stage slurry pumps for sale segment, this time only as a radial bearing supporting the role of the shaft position of the multi-stage slurry pumps for sale balance disc to determine.   Slurry in the design conditions of work even when no radial thrust, because then the rate of liquid volute impeller speed of the fluid flow direction are equal, fluid off more smoothly into the volute of the impeller four weeks fluid velocity and pressure distribution is uniform. 

    But when the working point below the design condition, ie, small flow, the volute flow slowed down. But the liquid out of the impeller speed is increased, Figure 2-14 shows. This is because a small flow, the impeller outlet flow vertical velocity V2M , smaller, and circumferential velocity v2 and placement angle beta 2 unchanged, then exit velocity v2 forward becomes larger, as shown in v2; ' show. Such a result makes liquid flow impeller and volute crash occurred within the liquid, and passed the kinetic energy of the liquid inside the volute, the pressure increases.Liquid from the slurry of the tongue to the diffusion tube process, constantly subject to collision, pressure is increasing, resulting in the gradual increase in the pressure distribution curve into the shape shown in Figure 2-15 is shown. 

    When the operating point is greater than the design condition, the situation is contrary to the above. Then volute velocity becomes large, and the impeller exit flow speed is smaller , to the back. Thus the boiler shell put energy transfer liquid to the impeller on the liquid flow in order to increase the speed, a forward flow . tongue by the slurry pumps for sale tube to the diffusion process, the energy of the liquid inside the volute continue to decrease, the pressure distribution it is getting smaller. 

    In addition to the main, there are secondary causes : the uneven distribution of the pressure distribution, resulting in a liquid velocity in the outflow from the impeller size is not the same, the speed of the recoil force of the impeller, and then also by an impeller recoil force uniform. 

    Radial force is sometimes very large, many times the weight of the rotor, the shaft deflection generated, wear rings, bushings, will produce severe Burnt, broken shaft accident. Measures must therefore be taken to eliminate.   Since slurry pumps for sale impeller inlet pressure falls below the saturation pressure of working temperature, it will cause some of the liquid evaporates ( ie vaporization ) . After evaporation of the bubble into the higher pressure zone, the pressure suddenly condenses on the liquid around so added here, resulting in hydraulic shock, a phenomenon known as cavitation. This continuous partial impact load, fatigue will gradually damage the surface of the material, causing erosion of the metal surface, and thus the size of the honeycomb pitting holes appear. In addition to damage caused by the impact of metal parts, there are chemical corrosion, that is, while the above effects, the liquid oxygen precipitation, oxidation occurs. 

    Cavitation process instability occurs causing the slurry pumps for sale vibration and noise while the gasoline pool because of cavitation tank into the impeller blockage, so at this flow rate, head were decreased efficiency. So you do not want cavitation phenomenon. 

    In order to prevent cavitation in the slurry pumps for sale of the structure using the following measures : 

    1) The use of double-suction impeller, 

    2) increasing the impeller inlet area, 

    3) increasing the width of the blade inlet edge, 

    4) increasing the impeller before the turn plate the radius of curvature, 

    5) to the suction side of the blade inlet edge extends; 

    6) heads with anti-cavitation impeller materials, 

    7) located front inducer. 

    For existing slurry pumps for sales, measures to prevent cavitation, 

    1) flow rate of change of a partial sectional seek small, smooth wall sought, heavy slurry pipeline characteristic curve of the characteristic curve and the intersection point is the operating point of the slurry pumps for sale. 

    Because the slurry pumps for sale is associated with the pipeline, so it is bound to be affected by pipeline constraints. For example : slurry pumps for sale water two hundred cubic meters per hour, but when it is connected to a small diameter pipe, the water slurry pumps for sale is affected by the amount of the constraints of small diameter pipes, water intake should be changed. 

    This leads to a loss of pipeline between the resistance problem. The relationship between the flow rate loss : 

      the formula A - pipeline resistance coefficient, 

      Q - flow through the pipeline. 

    It is consistent with the process of speaking in front of the same expression for friction losses. Painted on the coordinates is a parabola, this pipeline characteristic curve is a parabola. 

    If the slurry pumps for sale is slurry pumps for saleing terrain height Hs, the slurry pumps for sale head to the formula : 

            H = Ht + HW 

    That slurry pumps for saleing terrain height ( or container pressure ) is always less than the total slurry pumps for sale head, went because part of the energy consumed pipeline. Mapping method is to Ht pipeline characteristic curve drawn on CF, OF. with slurry pumps for sale Q a H intersection of the characteristic curve A is the operating point of the slurry pumps for sale shown in Figure 1-16 is shown. 

    When slurry pumps for saleing terrain height Hi , the operating point of the maximum flow rate of the slurry pumps for sale flow. Only the slurry pumps for saleing height of the terrain ( or the tank pressure ) lower flow rate will increase, which is characteristic because the pipeline CF pan down the starting position of the reason, as shown in dashed lines. 

    In order to reduce the traffic can be a little off the outlet valve, the valve produced by the use of additional resistance hA , the operating point moves left D . Is increased (1-27) wherein the pipeline resistance coefficient A, the characteristic curve becomes steeper pipeline were toCE. 

    2) Suction pipe resistance to small, and the short and straight 

    3) Suction correct choice height, 

    4) cavitation zone supplement epoxy coatings. 

    Plant cavitation phenomena often occur in condensate slurry pumps for sale slurry pumps for sales, heaters sulfur slurry pumps for sales, circulating slurry pumps for sales. 

    Slurry pumps for sale vacuum suction on the vacuum slurry pumps for sale inlet means permitted values. Why should this value it provides ? This is because the vacuum slurry pumps for sale inlet is too high ( also contestant is absolute pressure is too low ) , the slurry pumps for sale inlet liquid will vaporize, cavitation. Great harm to the slurry pumps for sale cavitation, should strive to avoid.

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