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How slurry pump efficiency calculation ?

slurry pump power ; slurry pump of effective power ;

slurry pump power usually refers to the input power, ie, the prime mover power shaft on mass support , it is also known shaft power , by P ;
Also called the effective power output of the slurry pump power , represented by Pe . It is effective in the energy delivery from the slurry pump out of the liquid per unit time obtained in the slurry pump .
Because the head is the effective energy of the slurry pump effective energy output per unit weight of the obtained liquid from the slurry pump , so the mass flow rate and the head and the acceleration of gravity is output from the liquid per unit time obtained from the slurry pump - the slurry pump effective power:
Pe = ρgQH (W) = γQH (W)
Where ρ - density of the liquid slurry pumped (kg/m3);
γ - slurry pumping heavy liquids (N/m3);
Q - slurry pump flow (m3 / s);
H - slurry pump head (m);
g - acceleration due to gravity (m/s2).
Poor shaft power P and Pe is the effective power loss in the slurry pump power , and its size is measured by using the slurry pump efficiency . The efficiency of the slurry pump shaft power and the effective power ratio , represented by η .

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