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How to adjust the size of the centrifugal Slurry Pump head through the pipeline?

Relationship lift and pipeline size, slurry pipeline set to take what measures to reduce pipe resistance

Reduce pipe resistance, reducing the pipeline needed lift. By the Bernoulli equation shows that the pipeline is needed to Slurry Pump head.
The first term of formula (Z2-Z,) and the second term is determined by the operating conditions, and the third term is determined by the structure of the Slurry Pump and can not change. To reduce the required Slurry Pump head, you can only come from a fourth consideration. Possible measures to reduce pipe resistance are: appropriate to increase the pipe diameter: avoid installing unnecessary valves, meters, etc.; pipeline as possible to go straight, less turning; using a smooth inner surface of the tube; timely removal of the pipeline debris and fouling.
     Piping resistance decreased, the required Slurry Pump head pipe also decreased, thereby reducing the power consumption of the Slurry Pump.

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