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How to correctly use the slurry pump

     Length of slurry pumpp life factors in addition to the machine itself, there are some human factors. How to correct this problem using the slurry has been plagued us, then we proceed from reality, combined with some actual use conditions summarized the following points for your reference.


One must ensure that the shaft axially in line with the arrow indicates the direction of the slurry pump casing. The motor must be completely disengaged commissioning the slurry pump, non-motor drive shaft reverse rotation, otherwise, will cause damage to components.

2, packing seal slurry pump must fill plus packing required before driving.

3, the use of mechanical seal slurry pumps, seal water supply must be guaranteed. Running water is prohibited, otherwise the mechanical seal will be destroyed.

4, using lubrication slurry pumps, oil before driving should be the subject of the oil line refueling. Driving is prohibited without oil, otherwise the bearing will be burned.

5, before installation, please read this manual.

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