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 If two geometrically similar slurry pumps manufacturers, slurry pumps manufacturer performance curve is actually a working point A, and the model of a slurry pumps manufacturer performance curve corresponds to the operating point B, the corresponding point of the liquid movement similar to the A, B two conditions is similar to the conditions, as shown in Figure 2-34. Obviously, if you want two slurry pumps manufacturers have similar conditions, it must be two slurry pumps manufacturers flow components geometric phase, the liquid movement similarity and dynamic similarity is possible. 

    Centrifugal slurry pumps manufacturer operating point is represented by its argument, in similar conditions, the model and the actual slurry pumps manufacturer slurry pumps manufacturers have the following relationship between the parameters: 

Section centrifugal slurry pumps manufacturer cavitation from occurring process 

    If the slurry pumps manufacturer in the operation of the noise and vibration, and is accompanied by the flow, head and efficiency decreased, and sometimes does not work when the slurry pumps manufacturer overhaul this often can be found near the front edge of the blade inlet and the blade inlet edge at the cover near pitting or honeycomb destruction. Severe entire blade and front and rear cover have this phenomenon, even through the blades and the cover sheet is, this is because the damage caused by cavitation. In actual operation, there are many slurry pumps manufacturers are due to cavitation damage. This performance curve withslurry may occur in the operation of unstable conditions. For example, as shown in Figure 2-28 and device performance curve characteristic curve b c intersect at one point (slurry pumps manufacturer operating point on the slurry pumps manufacturer performance curve to determine the intersection with the device characteristic curve), which is the stable operation of the slurry pumps manufacturer operating point. However, in Figure 2-28 hump performance curve a), but with the device characteristic curve b intersect at two points, the slurry pumps manufacturer is in an unstable condition, affecting the safe operation of the slurry pumps manufacturer. Therefore, there is hump performance curve, the general provisions must be less than the operating point lift off dead lift (ie, less than zero when the flow head), so as not to run the slurry pumps manufacturer in an unstable condition. Currently, the following approach is often used to eliminate the performance curve of the hump: 

    (1) As can be seen from Figure 2-26, with reduced blade exit angle β2 placement method, you can get a flat performance curve downward.However, this condition is not sufficient, there are other factors to the slurry pumps manufacturer performance curve shape has a great impact, such as leaf number, leaf shape, leaf entrance angle β1 and an outlet placed put the ratio between the angle β2, etc. Experience shows that the curves in Figure 2-29 to select the blade outlet angle β2 and number of leaves placed Z can eliminate performance curve hump, reference may be used in the design. 

    (2) of the liquid into the impeller to make a pre-spin, that leaves the liquid into the Vu1! = 0, so you can get completely dropped promote the performance curve. Figure 2-30 shows a multi-stage slurry pumps manufacturer outlet angle of the missile leaves from 90 degrees to 60 degrees, the slurry pumps manufacturer performance curve changes. Seen from the figure, there are pre-spin off liquid, the slurry pumps manufacturer performance curves of large flow area decreased. The suction chamber having a semi-spiral slurry pumps manufacturer, the liquid into the impeller when a pre-rotation, the slurry pumps manufacturer performance curves have the same phenomenon. 

    Although liquids can induce pre-supination get completely degraded performance curve, but by the formula ((2-6) shows that, due Vu1! = 0, the slurry pumps manufacturer head is reduced, the design calculations must be given due attention. 

    (3) the slurry pumps manufacturer pressure chamber (including the vortex chamber and the inlet guide vanes) area will not only affect the size of the relevant dead lift, but also affect the slurry pumps manufacturer performance curve shape. Figure 2-31 and Figure 2-32, respectively, the guide vane throat area and planted the first cross-sectional area of the vortex chamber of the slurry pumps manufacturer performance curve. As can be seen from the figure, the pressure of the chamber area reduction can shut the slurry pumps manufacturer head slightly raised so that the performance curve steepens, and make the best operating point moves to the small flow, increasing the pressure of the chamber area to make Off dead lift slightly reduced performance curve, the best situation to large flow direction. Should be noted that excessively increase or decrease the pressure of the chamber inlet area to be caused by reduction in slurry pumps manufacturer efficiency. Slurry pumps manufacturer volumetric efficiency can η (%) to indicate the size of the volume loss. Volumetric efficiency by volume loss after loss of power and volume without pre-power ratio, namely: 

         η = Q / (Q + q) 

    (2) increase the sealing ring clearance Resistance: Figure 2-17a) is generally cylindrical seal rings. If the seal ring made of Figure 2-17b) of the labyrinth or Figure 2-17c) of the sawtooth-shaped, about the sealing gap is divided into several small sections, short between the chamber, such a sealing structure increases the gap inlet and the outlet resistance. Figure 2-17b) is also shown in the structure of the sealing gap length increases, an increase of the flow resistance along the seal gap, thereby reducing leakage q.

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