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Knowledge of small slurry pump
Rock or coal seam drilling in supplying washing liquid used for slurry pump, washing liquid can be mud, water or underground coal water. With the rapid rise of pump industry and Yuanhua machinery industry vigorous development pace, but also grow with each passing day quantity production of slurry pump manufacturers, slurry pump manufacturers of large and small are different.
slurry pump, refers to the drilling process, the drilling mud or water in transmission and other mechanical flushing fluid. The slurry pump is an important part of drilling equipment. slurry pumps and sewage pumps in the drilling cycle is used, it is the surface washing medium -- water, polymer mud or fluid under pressure, through the pressure hose, faucet and drill string center hole sent straight bit bottom, to cool the drill bit, the cut debris removal and transportation to the surface of the objective.
Common slurry pump is a piston or plunger type, driven by the power machine crankshaft rotary pump, crankshaft and then driven through the crosshead piston do reciprocating motion in the pump cylinder. In the alternating suction and discharge valve under the action, of pressure delivery and achieve the purpose of circulating fluid.

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