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Medium slurry pump

Medium slurry pump


    Brief Introduction for Medium Slurry Pump:
    1. MM series of medium slurry pump is a kind of cantilever centrifugal slurry pump, widely applied for pumping high abrasive and erosive slurry in Thermal Power Generation, Chemical, Mining, Coal Mining, Metallurgy, Environmental Protection, Municipal water and wastewater and Municipal Engineering.
    2. MM series of medium slurry pump also called as medium type slurry pump, which suitable for pumping fine particles, medium density or low corrosive and erosive slurry.
    3. MM series of medium slurry pump is composed by double shell structure, the pump body, pump cover be lined with replaceable wear-resistant metal liner (including impeller, cover, protection plate, etc). Pump body and cover were manufactured by using material of gray cast iron or ductile cast iron. The pump press out opening can be rotary mounting according to eight angle.
    Shaft Sealing Type:
    Packing seal, Associated-Impeller sealing, Mechanical seal.
    Associated-Impeller sealing: Use the impeller with the series-connected associated-impeller to generate the pressure sealing.
    Packing seal: It is a common type of shaft sealing, which applied for various working conditions, can be filled in special materials like polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE), expanding graphite,etc. It has a series of advantages of simple structure, easy and convenient maintenance, etc.
    Mechanical seal: The sealing effect is good, but the cost is high. The pump shaft seal water will be added according to the requirements.

    Meanings of the model: MM200E
    M---- Wear-resistant high chromium alloy
    200---- the pump press out opening is 200mm
    M----Medium slurry pump
    E----Bracket style

    MM Series of Medium Slurry Pump Performance Parameters :

Model Max. Power (kw) Clean Water Performance Impeller
Flow Rate Q Pumping Head  H(m) Rotate Speed 
Max. Efficiencyη(% Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH)(m) Nos.of impeller Diameter (mm)
(m3/h) (L/S)
MM200E 120 468-1008 130-280 20-95 500-1000 65 4-12 4 549
MM200R 300 540-1440 150-400 16-60 600-1000 73 4-10 4 549


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