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Mixing the liquid slurry is how the formation of bubbles


Slurry flow components is under strong abrasive or highly corrosive state work, and transporting abrasive particles in the medium of the device power, metallurgical industries are generally used intrusion inhalation, so it will be mixed liquid specific cause bubbles, the bubbles are generated:


1 because the slurry in the slag block pores often hidden when the bubble, which would easily mixed with the liquid, and then as the liquid flows into the pump;


2 And when the liquid material into the ash ponds or pools hydraulic shock will cause the liquid into the bubble wrap roll;


3 mortar pump the water level is too low due to intrusion, inhaling ash pond too small or suction position unreasonable reasons, will result in the formation of the vortex and the suction gas into;


4 suction conduit means or slurry pump seal packing position Mifengbuyan mixed liquid will cause bubble formation;


5. Slurry pump will produce bubbles or foaming agent after adding special additives.


These bubbles will affect the quality of work produced slurry pump, so when this situation to take timely and effective way to produce to reduce or avoid gas cavitation.

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