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Modern large-capacity high pressure boiler feed slurry pump manufacturer, more than double sets using this cylindrical shell structure. (Two) condensate slurry pump manufacturer structure Condensate slurry pump manufacturer, also known as condensate slurry pump manufacturer. Its role is to turbine exhaust steam condenses in the condenser water discharge, and by the low pressure plus Heat to the deaerator. Condensate slurry pump manufacturer working state special, it's from the vacuum pumping condensate in the condenser, and therefore Find condensate slurry pump manufacturer's anti-cavitation performance and population better side sealing apparatus. Currently, the condensed water slurry pump manufacturer's pattern has both horizontal and vertical. Usually the small capacity units with horizontal condensate slurry pump manufacturer, mostly NB-type structure, shown in Figure 1-34. NB-type structure is a single-stage single-suction cantilever with front inducer condensate slurry pump manufacturer, and general B-typecentrifugal slurry pump manufacturer compare Similar to the upper and lower body composition slurry pump manufacturer working chamber, cavity shaft mounted impeller, the impeller on the opening balance holes to balance the axial force, the remaining I axial force by the bays within the two ball bearings to bear. Since it is transported under high vacuum condensate, in Shaft seal slurry pump manufacturer itself apart from the introduction of seal water, but in the packing gland place, but also the introduction of water seal, shaft seal to ensure strict People do not leak air density. Pre-installed in front of the impeller inlet inducer to improve condensate slurry pump manufacturer cavitation resistance. Since setting up trap Guide wheel, slurry pump manufacturer shaft lengthened, so in a packing room before the installation of the auxiliary water lubricated bearings.

Small Unit condensate slurry pump manufacturer more Use of such patterns. Large capacity units are using vertical condensation water slurry pump manufacturer, to NL-type structure. Domestic 200MWTurbine supporting condensate Results of water slurry pump manufacturer shall 14NL-14 type, as shown in Figure 1-35. It is a vertical induction in the open with front wheel two centrifugal slurry pump manufacturer. Its junction Structure characteristic; slurry pump manufacturer suction port, the pressure of the slurry pump manufacturer daily and arranged in parallel to the axis of the side body slurry pump manufacturer; first-stage impeller and a second stage leaf Wheels symmetrically arranged in order to balance the axial force; slurry pump manufacturer with double volute casing structure to balance the radial force; heads of the impeller exit the shell through slurry pump manufacturer Conduit entries secondary impeller; water slurry pump manufacturer in order to improve the anti-cavitation performance, so that the heads of the population is larger than the secondary impeller suction impeller Suction population size, and also before the installation of the first stage impeller inducer. Since slurry p ump manufacturer in the body is axially open structure, so disassembly, inspection Check and maintenance is very convenient. (C) circulating water slurry pump manufacturer structure Circulating water slurry pump manufacturer's role is to transport a large number of condenser cooling water to ensure cooling turbine exhaust steam discharged, so that Condenses into water. Circulating water slurry pump manufacturer's work is characterized by flow, head low. Usually a steam turbine with two circulating water slurry pump manufacturer, not Equipment slurry pump manufactu rer. When the use of seawater for cooling water, the need equipment slurry pump manufacturer. Cycle power plant used centrifugal slurry pump manufacturer in the form of slurry pump manufacturer, axial slurry pump manufacturer And mixed slurry pump manufacturer.

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