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Note the slurry pump
slurry pump before the start, please check the water inlet pipe, outlet pipe is blocked, forward after bearing grease filling, check the pump type packing is filled
slurry pump should be equipped with high-pressure water pump, slurry pump pressure will be greater than the fresh water input to the leak proof packing, protect the filler, slurry pump work shall not be closed flushing pump, otherwise it will lead to rapid wear of seal parts
The gap between the impeller and guard board is reasonable, has great influence on the service life of slurry pump. The clearance is unreasonable, the vibration and noise of pump operation, over-current damage to parts quickly, thus replacing the impeller, should pay attention to the gap to meet the requirements of the drawings, gap adjustment, through the rear bearing body by the adjustment screw to
The absorption process is measured in the transport of water when the slurry pump allows, slurry pump should be considered in the influence of mud on the absorption ability

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