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Structure Description


Head part

1, M, AH, AHP, HP, H, HH slurry pumps manufacturer for dual slurry pumps manufacturer shell structure, namely slurry pumps manufacturer, slurry pumps manufacturer cover with replaceable wear-resistant metal liners (including the impeller, jacket, shield, etc.) . Slurry pumps manufacturer cover according to the working pressure of gray cast iron or ductile iron, vertical in the open, bolted. There are only the mouth and slurry pumps manufacturer bracket bolted. Eight outlets of the slurry pumps manufacturer rotation angle can be mounted. Front cover with the back of the impeller blades to reduce leakage and improve the life of the slurry pumps manufacturer.


Slurry pumps manufacturer parts

2, AH slurry pumps manufacturer cover and slurry pumps manufacturer flow components: The series slurry pumps manufacturers are horizontal, vertical in the open, double-shell structure slurry pumps manufacturer. Slurry pumps manufacturer and slurry pumps manufacturer cover with replaceable metal liner, liner made of high-chromium alloy materials, lining worn so far may have been used to extend the maintenance cycle, reduce operating costs. Slurry pumps manufacturer outlet angle rotation direction can be 8 installation.

Bearing components: slurry pumps manufacturer bearing components using cylindrical structure, easy to adjust the impeller and the front fender gap, the overall maintenance can split out. Bearings with grease lubrication.

Seal (Seal): slurry pumps manufacturer seal types are packing seal, expeller seal and mechanical seal.


  EZJ slurry structure

Transmission: V-belt drive with elastic joint drive shaft, gear box drive, fluid coupling drive, variable frequency drives, SCR speed and so on.Where V-belt drive has CL, CV, CR, ZL, ZV, ZR transmission.

Overall Performance: Wide range of slurry pumps manufacturer performance, cavitation performance and high efficiency. Multi-level technology can be used in series to meet the long-distance transport. Wetted parts are available with a variety of metals, and increased depth. Using a variety of speeds and multiple variants ways, making the slurry pumps manufacturer to run in the best mining. Long life, high efficiency, can meet many types of harsh transport conditions.

3, D, G-type single slurry pumps manufacturer structure (ie without the liner). Slurry pumps manufacturer cover and impeller with wear-resistant metal. Slurry pumps manufacturer cover using a special clamp connection structure, the slurry pumps manufacturer outlet direction can be arbitrary rotation, easy installation and removal.

4, EVM, SP slurry pumps manufacturer for vertical slurry pumps manufacturer, slurry pumps manufacturer slurry pumps manufacturer cover and the vertical axis is vertical. SP type is single-hull slurry pumps manufacturer, slurry pumps manufacturer slurry pumps manufacturer cover can be made of metal or rubber.

5, the title is a professional slurry pumps manufacturer head slurry pumps manufacturer and slurry pumps manufacturer cover. Generally called slurry pumps manufacturer head should include slurry pumps manufacturer and slurry pumps manufacturer cover portion.Slurry pumps manufacturer main slurry pumps manufacturer rotor is connected via a bearing the impeller, seals, bearing assembly connected. The slurry pumps manufacturer cover and the slurry pumps manufacturer portion corresponding with the slurry pumps manufacturer cover together form a closed cavity. Slurry pumps manufacturer and slurry pumps manufacturer cover interior is lined slurry pumps manufacturers. The materials are generally rubber lined and high-chromium alloy, generally based on the selection of the slurry pumps manufacturer according to mining conditions is lined with rubber or metal alloy.

6, various types of slurry pumps manufacturer inlet are horizontal direction, the direction from the drive slurry pumps manufacturer is clockwise.


Three kinds of sealing form their own advantages and disadvantages.

First packing seal, is the most common kind of seal, seal water is injected in the form of continuously injecting a certain pressure inside the packing water, a slurry pumps manufacturer to prevent leakage; the expeller seal suitable for use in multi-stage series slurry pumps manufacturer, using filler seal. Gland packing simple structure, easy maintenance, the price is cheap.

Second, expeller seal, through a reverse centrifugal force of the impeller to prevent leakage of slurry. Positive pressure in the slurry pumps manufacturer inlet slurry pumps manufacturer outlet pressure is not greater than 10% of the value of a single-stage or multi-stage slurry pumps manufacturer series slurry pumps manufacturers can be used to pay the first stage slurry pumps manufacturer impeller shaft seal, expeller seal having no seal water, do not dilute slurry body, and good sealing effect. Therefore, in the case of diluted slurry is not allowed, it can be considered such a seal.

Again, mechanical seals, the sealing is generally the case with relatively high demand. In particular, some chemical, food industry, not only requires sealing, but most are not allowed to add extra ingredients into the slurry pumps manufacturer. Disadvantage is the high cost of maintenance difficulties.




Slurry pumps manufacturer working, the slurry pumps manufacturer needs to be placed on land, water pipe on the water, but also need to prime the slurry pumps manufacturer starts. Mud and liquid slurry pumps manufacturer due to structural limitations, the electrical work needs to be placed above the water slurry pumps manufacturer into the water, so must be fixed, otherwise the water will cause the motor to the motor fell scrapped. And because the major axis length is generally fixed, so the slurry pumps manufacturer installation more difficult, the application of the occasion by many restrictions.

If you have a spare slurry pumps manufacturer, it is best to use two slurry pumps manufacturers alternately. If the card is only repair slurry pumps manufacturer slurry pumps manufacturer, you can add a network at intake, not too many impurities into the slurry pumps manufacturer, so that the card will be much smaller chance of the slurry pumps manufacturer!

Slurry pumps manufacturer is to be divided into two aspects of electricity and machines, for machines, mainly to tune out the previous maintenance records than on what to know. The second is the power aspect, and to understand each slurry pumps manufacturer motor power, his control system have a certain understanding. Slurry pumps manufacturers with mechanical seals, seal water supply must be guaranteed. Prohibited anhydrous running, otherwise the mechanical seal will be destroyed.

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