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Slurry seal, which has several


Slurry is called by means of centrifugal force the solid and liquid medium mixture as a mechanical energy increases, it can be converted into electrical energy and kinetic energy of the medium potential, and in order to ensure its sealing properties are often used to seal the shaft seal, may be specifically into packing seal, mechanical seal, vice impeller sealed box three.


Slurry is by hard and soft packing seal and bushing run-filler between a sealing effect, but also need to add water seal and slurry seal water pressure than the outlet pressure more than 1.5 kg; This method is generally used In the processing plant and coal washery in.


Vice impeller slurry seal is pressure generated by the impeller to seal the deputy, and the slurry of intrusion pressure not to exceed 15% of its outlet pressure, the sealing method is generally used where water scarcity.


Slurry seal is a mechanical movement by mechanical seal ring friction and thus play a tight seal, which is kind of mechanical seals can be divided into non-water-type mechanical seals, mechanical seal flush water flushing three mechanical seals and flushed the , the three life of about 4000 hours and 6000 hours and 8000 hours.

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