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Slurry when used to pay attention to what


Slurry is the solid, liquid mixed media kind of mechanical energy increases, in order to ensure the quality of their work, in the use of attention-related work to do.


Rubber lined slurry pump impeller maximum head first not more than 63 meters, the maximum allowed by the line speed should not exceed 30m / m; And Rolling bearings are usually chosen, with thin oil or grease lubrication, and its working temperature should not exceed 75 ℃ , the transmission pump can couplings, belts, and other fluid coupling and the coupling, V belt and the pulley to have the safety shield; slurry pump for bivalve inner shell rubber particles in the solid The maximum size of not more than 3mm, and the single shell size should not exceed 80% of the flow cross-section of minimum size; pressure and the packing ratio of the water to be higher than the pump discharge pressure of 35kPa.


So, slurry before use to have some knowledge of its performance, when used to do work related to attention.

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