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Start the pump should pay attention to what


First of all, slurry pump to start the pump inlet valve before starting, close outlet valve, and then start the pump, then slowly open the outlet valve of pump, the size and speed of the pump and motor vibration should not less than the rated current to control; for the series with the pump to start, and the;


Then, liquid slurry is a conveyor flow for the purpose, so in the operation monitoring system shall be installed in the best flow meter, in order to monitor the flow at any time; in the pipeline system, a cyclone slag flushing system, filter press dewatering system in pipeline outlet there is a certain pressure, so the device should be installed a pressure gauge to monitor the pressure to conform to the requirements of;


Finally, the pump in operation in addition to monitor the flow and pressure, but also monitor the motor rated current does not exceed the motor, but also time monitoring oil seals, bearings and other abnormal phenomenon, the existence of slurry pump parts to or overflow tank, if there should be timely treatment.

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