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Submersible slurry pump motor inlet fault emergency treatment method
Submersible slurry pump is used as a motor and pump coaxial submerged slurry pump slurry pump, has better wear resistance, flow passage. Widely used in sand, oil sands, sand dredging, reservoir, river dredging, dredging the pond silt sedimentation tank, open caisson, the mine, the silt cleaning, oil coal slurry, fly ash treatment, but their work mostly under water, so the submersible slurry pump motor for easy water and failure, so how to deal with the submersible slurry pump motor inlet fault? The following Xiaobian for you in detail
Submersible slurry pump Water Leakage fault sealing device, mostly due to aging due to wear and tear, in addition to replace the seal and a new, can also take the following simple elimination method
Submersible pump seal as the long-term use of loss of elasticity, this can take out the sealing ring, and then find a 0.3-0.5 mm thick paper or cloth cut into slightly larger than the original sealing ring pad is arranged into the groove, finally put on the sealing ring
Submersible slurry pump, nylon seal seat of rubber sealing ring rot, the sealing ring is removed, and then replace the installing position, such as sealing fastening spring ring on the loss of elasticity or fracture, can remove the spring, with a proper diameter of wire or wire tied tightly

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