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 centrifugal slurry pump manufacturer structure Figure 1-36 shows a 200MW unit supporting Shen Jiang 48-35 vertical centrifugal slurry pump manufacturer chart. This vertical centrifugal slurry pump manufacturer Has a small footprint and compact structure, its head up to 40m or so, in the case of high lift requirement is still Able to meet their needs. Therefore, this slurry pump manufacturer has been widely used. The slurry pump manufacturer for the single-stage single-suction vertical centrifugal slurry pump manufacturer, suction population down, easy arrangement of suction pipes. By the side of a coupling Road bearings, fitted with ball bearings. In the packing seal on one side, setting another channel bearings, spherical roller bearings fitted.Rotor By gravity and axial thrust on the motor thrust bearing to withstand a total load does not exceed 3500KN , so in water slurry pump manufacturer is no longer slurry pump manufacturer of flow components from the suction tube speaker, impellers, vanes and Water pipe components. Which is characterized by flow, head low. Large axial slurry pump manufacturer flow of 8-30m Ah s , even up to 50-60ni Ah s , head generally less than 25m , the usual Use head for the 4-12m0 3 mixed slurry pump manufacturer structure Modern large-capacity circulating slurry pum P Manufacturer , requires not only the flow Large, but also want to head also increased, so the current Circles at home and abroad has been developed for the use of performance centrifugal and axial Francis-type water between the slurry Pump Manufacturer , shown in Figure 1-38 , Figure 1-39 Shown. Power plant circulating water slurry pump manufacturer with this high flow, medium Head Francis slurry pump manufacturer the most appropriate, at home and abroad have been With mixed slurry pump manufacturer replaces axial slurry pump manufacturer trend. Our design and manufacture of 6HI. oversize mixed slurry pump manufacturer Department of Hydraulic whole tone leaf scroll volute mixed slurry Pump Manufacturer . Impeller straight Diameter 6m , slurry Pump Manufacturer blade angle adjustment range of a 180-00 , transport OK 12000h , through overhaul acceptance that the slurry pump manufacturer shipped OK, reliable, good performance, easy installation and maintenance, is head Former world's largest stick flow slurry pump manufacturer one. ( four ) ash slurry pump manufacturer structure Thermal power plant boiler ash after burning needs row In addition to the set with ash slurry Pump Manufacturer , the slurry pump manufacturer transport medium containing There ash particles of liquid . generally by large ash slag Crusher to 25mm less mixed with water is fed To the plant 'outside. Figure 1-40 for the PH -type ash slurry pump manufacturer 's structure.

That slurry pump manufacturer by a slurry pump manufacturer body, slurry Pump Manufacturer cover, bracket, slurry Pump Manufacturer seat, impeller, shaft And other components. slurry pump manufacturer body of inner and outer layers, the inner layer from the front fender And sheathing composition, the slurry pump manufacturer body and the slurry pump manufacturer lid with liquid isolated so 46 a pin ; 47 - the first weld ring screws ; 48 - slurry pump manufacturer axis As not to be worn. Thus, the inner layer of the parts and impellers are made of wear-resistant cast iron. Its bearings with rolling bearings, general Lubricated with thin oil. To prevent liquid mixture containing ash spilled into the bearing, the shaft with dust disk. ( five ) sealless boiler circulating slurry pump manufacturer structure Modern forced circulation drum boiler for forced circulation slurry Pump Manufacturer , boiler forced circulation slurry pump manufacturer and auxiliary circulating slurry Pump Manufacturer , general Adopt no seal structure called a no seal slurry Pump Manufacturer . With the development of China's power industry, a number of large power plants at home and abroad have been forced circulation drum boiler, the boiler No seal loop configuration slurry Pump Manufacturer . This slurry pump manufacturer is the role of the water in a certain channel for forced circulation, as 1-41 in Fig. It is through Down pipe from the drum through the water, it is easy to see, it is close to the drum water pressure and temperature parameters, such as a 500MWunit at a pressure of 1825kPa , temperature is 340 C , in which work under high pressure and temperature, slurry Pump Manufacturer 's Seal is extremely difficult, with no seal slurry pump manufacturer will be able to properly address this issue. Shaftless Sealing slurry pump manufacturer of slurry pump manufacturer part is generally conventional construction, except that the motor part, the electric Wet motor and machine has two kinds of shielded motor. Shielded motor due to the motor home Comprising the shield, the lower the motor efficiency than wet 5% -10% , thus, the great merit Rate of motor sealless motor using wet slurry pump manufacturer more superior.

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