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The characteristics and methods of slurry pump
The slurry pump is washed simulate the natural flow theory, carried out by the role of hydraulic dredging, excavation work, water pressure generated by high pressure pump, through the water injection, injection pressure high speed water, water column impact soil and sand, the sand wet mixture, collapse, mud and mud mixed with synthetic, again by vertical slurry pump lifting, transportation through the pipeline to the battlefield.
Electrochemical corrosion, gear pump
Electrochemical corrosion is due to differences between the metal electrode potential, submersible slurry pump, the contact surface heterogeneous metal forming the battery, electrochemical process so that the metal anode corrosion. Prevent electrochemical corrosion measures, a pump flow is best to use the same material, twenty using sacrificial anode, the cathode metal protection measures.
Two, the uniform corrosion
Submersible slurry pump corrosion of corrosive liquid contact with the metal surface, chemical corrosion uniformity of the of the metal surface, which is the most common form of corrosion pump gear pump and centrifugal pump of metal material, but also the least harm sex a form of corrosion. To prevent corrosion measures are: take appropriate materials (non-metallic), consider adequate corrosion allowance in the pump design.
Three, intergranular corrosion
Intergranular corrosion is a kind of localized corrosion, mainly refers to the precipitation of chromium carbide stainless steel corrosion phenomenon between grains, intergranular corrosion of stainless steel materials, stainless steel pump should pay attention to prevent intergranular corrosion. Occurrence of intergranular corrosion material, its strength and plasticity are almost completely lost. To prevent the intergranular corrosion measures are: stainless steel annealing, or the use of ultra low carbon stainless steel (C< 0.03%)
The slurry pump is a kind of broad pump is a popular concept, different geographical, habits, pump will not eventually involved, this entry elaborated the sludge pump is a pump the majority sense: slurry pump used in oil field drilling. In fact, sewage pump, slurry pump and other non water pump and slurry pumps are common in the way.
slurry pump, refers to the drilling process, the drilling mud or water in transmission and other mechanical flushing fluid. The slurry pump is an important part of drilling equipment.
In the drilling cycle is used, it is the surface washing medium -- water, polymer mud or fluid under pressure, through the pressure hose, faucet and drill string center hole sent straight bit bottom, to cool the drill bit, the cut debris cleared and transported to the surface of the objective.
Common slurry pump is a piston or plunger type, driven by the power machine crankshaft rotary pump, crankshaft and then driven through the crosshead piston do reciprocating motion in the pump cylinder. In the alternating suction and discharge valve under the action, of pressure delivery and achieve the purpose of circulating fluid.

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