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The difference between horizontal slurry pump and vertical slurry pump 

Horizontal and vertical submerged slurry pump difference between slurry pump what? In the slurry pump selection process should pay attention to which a few points? Shijiazhuang water pump factory analysis for you from the following four aspects:

1, start: horizontal slurry pump to flow backward start, vertical submerged slurry pump is not located under water, the impeller, suction performance is good, it can use high speed, it can work normally in the suction quantity shortage condition.

2, the installation area: horizontal slurry pump covers an area of, occupy a large area needs to be installed; vertical submerged slurry pump covers an area of small, light weight, the use of slurry pump units such as area is limited, can choose the appropriate vertical submerged slurry pump.

3, structure features: horizontal slurry pump multi is double pump shell structure, vertical submerged slurry pump as shell structure of single pump.

4, the maintenance: horizontal slurry pump is located above the surface of the water, convenient maintenance. Work Department of slurry pump vertical submerged in the liquid level below, inconvenient repair.

The total above slurry pump selection process, not only to consider the slurry pump flow and head, using a combination of unit slurry pump covers an area the size, layout of pipeline system and a series of practical situation to choose suitable for still water pump.

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