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The difference between single-stage and multi-stage slurry pumps

Is dominated by multi-stage slurry pump rotor, stator , bearings and shaft seal .

Multistage slurry pump stator part is dominated by inhalation middle section , spit section and guide vanes , etc., there is tension clamp bolts each segment constitutes work. The current multi-stage slurry pump is generally horizontal suction and vertical spit work uniform is primarily used for the import and export of oilfield water injection slurry pump vertically upward , multistage slurry pump entrance to vertical. Multi-stage slurry pump bearings mainly by bearing body , bearings and bearing gland and other components, bearings with grease or oil lubrication . The main part of the multi-stage slurry pump rotor by a shaft , impeller, balance disc and bushings and other components. Axial force by the balance disc balance. Multistage slurry pump shaft seal soft packing seal , mainly by water segment and tail cover letter sealed body filler, retaining rings and other components.

Other liquid similar to water multistage slurry pump in the transportation of water or physical and chemical properties of the medium temperature multi-stage slurry pump delivery is less than 70 degrees , ideal for multi-stage slurry pump mine drainage , water supply and other urban factories widely used on various occasions , injection slurry pump according to corrosive media , the use of different materials to manufacturing , multi- stage slurry pump in the medium temperature is generally less than 100 degrees , also suitable for boiler feed water use .

Multi-stage slurry pump means there are two or more than two impeller slurry pump , the maximum you can lift more than 125 meters ; multi -stage slurry pumps in single-stage slurry pump head needs to be equipped with two-stage motor , the impeller can be increased to match the number with four motors , which can increase the slurry pump life and reduce unit noise , but the multi-stage slurry pump repair single-stage slurry pump is relatively little difficult .

With the advancement of technology, single-stage impeller slurry pump can be improved by increasing the slurry pump speed slurry pump head can be replaced by multi-stage slurry pump , but the price is a little expensive .

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