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The installation method of corrosion slurry pump:
1) set of pump to the site, motor has been installed, find a seat, can not remove the water pump and motor
2) will base on the foundation for leveling concrete filled, after use
3) level by using a pump outlet plane check the base level, leveling, with anchor bolt, anchor bolt in concrete pouring
4) the ruler on the coupling (measurement, before, after,), check the pump and motor axis line are coincident
5) to be fixed anchor bolt concrete completely dried, nut and tighten the anchor bolts, and then check the level of the whole unit, a not usual, available iron wedge leveling
6) install water and the outlet pipeline, when the pipeline and pump combination, should pay attention not to make the weight of the pipeline and pressure increase to the pump to pump, deformation
The corrosion slurry pump industry faces new development situation, because of new entrants has increased, the upstream raw material prices continue to rise, leading to lower profits, so the resistance corrosion pump industry market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Faced with this situation, corrosion slurry pump industry enterprises to actively respond to, pay attention to the cultivation of innovation ability, and continuously improve their production technology, to strengthen enterprise competitive advantage, at the same time the resistance corrosion pump industry enterprises should grasp the market situation, learn the latest production technology, knowledge of the industry national policies and regulations to, to master the dynamic development of rivals in the same industry, enable enterprises to fully understand the development of the industry and its status in the industry can only so, and make the correct development strategy to enable enterprises to take the lead in the brutal competition in the market.
Corrosion slurry pump without leakage is always the pursuit of chemical equipment, sealing form for the static seal, usually only the sealing pad and a sealing ring two forms, and the sealing ring is also the most widely application in O ring; medium viscosity on pump performance impact is great, when the viscosity increases, the pump head curves down stainless steel corrosion slurry pump, the best conditions of the head and the flow were decreased, while the power is then increased, thus reducing efficiency. Sample of the general parameters of the performance when both transport water, when the transmission should be converted into viscous. Transportation for high viscosity slurries, pastes and viscous fluid, suggested the use of screw pump.

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