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1 shaft seal and bearing friction losses 

    recommend using the following empirical formula shaft seal and bearing friction loss power ΔN (kW): ΔN = (0.01 ~ 0.03) N 

    power of slurry pumps manufacturering â–³ N = O.O1N, small power slurry pumps manufacturers AN = 0.03N or take some more. Require more accurately determine the seal and bearing friction loss power, can slurry pumps manufacturer the water is not sufficient to determine the slurry pumps manufacturer power consumption when idling, this power is the power of the shaft seal and bearing friction losses. 

    Currently, many slurry pumps manufacturer mechanical seal structure, so seal actually very small friction losses. 

    Compared with all other losses, shaft seal and bearing friction loss is small proportion. In the packing seal structure, if the packing gland too tight, friction losses will increase, even make packing heat burned. Small slurry pumps manufacturer, if the packing gland too tight, starting load is too large, there is the danger of starting it up. Therefore, a reasonable compression packing gland is very important. 

2 disk friction losses 

    in the fluid-filled slurry pumps manufacturer impeller rotates the slurry pumps manufacturer body, the outer surface of the impeller and the liquid friction losses. This part of the loss due to the initial determination is often borrowed disc test, so often put this loss is called disk friction losses. 

    Disk friction loss is relatively large, the mechanical loss is dominant component, especially in the low specific speed centrifugal slurry pumps manufacturer, the disk friction loss is more important. Figure 2 a 8 can be seen on the high specific speed centrifugal slurry pumps manufacturer, disc friction losses smaller proportion; while in low specific speed, the disc friction losses increase dramatically. When the specific number of revolutions ns = 30, the disk friction loss increases to near 30% of the effective power 

    (1) from equation (2-11) can be seen, the impeller disk friction losses Power â–³ Naf times the size and speed proportional, with five times the impeller diameter is proportional. Impeller diameter larger, the greater the disk friction loss. Tests showed that the disk friction losses are so low specific speed centrifugal slurry pumps manufacturer efficiency of the main reasons. Therefore, the slurry pumps manufacturer speed and flow the same circumstances, with the increasing impeller diameter ways to improve the single-stage lift accompanied by the rapid increase in disk friction losses. 

    (2) from equation (2-11) can be seen, the disc friction loss is proportional to the cube of the speed, but this is only one hand, on the other hand, for a given head, the slurry pumps manufacturer speed is increased, the impeller diameter corresponding decrease (increase slurry pumps manufacturer speed can be considered double impeller diameter reduced by half), while the impeller diameter decreases, the disk friction losses into five parties in proportion to the decline. Therefore, for a given head, slurry pumps manufacturer speed increases, the disk does not necessarily increase friction loss, and may decrease, which is gradually increased slurry pumps manufacturer speed factors. 

    (3) the disk friction loss â–³ Naf size but also with the impeller cover, the surface roughness of the inner wall of the slurry pumps manufacturer, reducing the surface roughness can reduce the friction loss of the impeller disk, tests showed.   using a spiral slurry pumps manufacturer chamber pressure of known volute slurry pumps manufacturers.Put a few volute slurry pumps manufacturer mounted on a shaft, working in series, called multi-stage volute slurry pumps manufacturer, shown in Figure 1-13. This slurry pumps manufacturer is generally semi-spiral suction chamber, each impeller has a corresponding spiral extrusion chamber, the body level in the open, inlet and outlet are cast on the slurry pumps manufacturer, maintenance is very convenient, do not remove the suction and spit lines, as long as the slurry pumps manufacturer (slurry pumps manufacturer cover) off, you can take away the entire rotor, the rotor is placed in standby to work. On the other hand, since the symmetrical arrangement of the impeller, self-balancing axial force, it is generally multi-stage volute slurry pumps manufacturer without balancing mechanism. Disadvantages are: multi-stage volute slurry pumps manufacturer compared with the performance of segmented multi-stage slurry pumps manufacturer bulky, casting and machining of technical requirements are relatively high. This slurry pumps manufacturer is mainly used for larger flow head higher urban water supply, mine drainage and pipelines, with its general flow performance range 450-1500 m ^ 3 / h, head of 100-500 m. High discharge pressure multi-stage volute slurry pumps manufacturers, pressure up to 180 kg / cm ^ 2.   Usually enhance fluid, transmission fluid and the liquid to increase the pressure of the machine referred to as the slurry pumps manufacturer 

    slurry pumps manufacturers different purposes, based on the principle effect of the slurry pumps manufacturer can be divided into the following three categories: 

    1. displacement slurry pumps manufacturer 

    using cyclical changes volume to transport the studio liquid, such as piston slurry pumps manufacturers, to the piston slurry pumps manufacturers, diaphragm slurry pumps manufacturers, gear slurry pumps manufacturers, slide slurry pumps manufacturer, screw slurry pumps manufacturer, etc. 

    2 vane slurry pumps manufacturer 

    and fluid interaction using the blade to transport liquids, such as centrifugal, mixed flow, axial flow, vortex slurry pumps manufacturers. 

    3 other types of slurry pumps manufacturer 

    including a slurry pumps manufacturer only change the potential of liquid, such as water vehicles; pots using fluid energy to the liquid delivery slurry pumps manufacturer Discovery, such as jet slurry pumps manufacturers, water hammer slurry pumps manufacturers, acid eggs. 

    The use of various types of slurry pumps manufacturer are different, use of the slurry pumps manufacturer used as the area occupied by the maximum slurry pumps manufacturer. Traffic 5-20,000 m ^ 3 / h, the head 8 - 2800 m range, using a centrifugal slurry pumps manufacturer is more appropriate. Because in this performance range, centrifugal slurry pumps manufacturer with a high speed, small size, light weight, high efficiency, large flow, simple structure, stable performance, easy operation and maintenance, etc. Domestic and foreign production practice shows: centrifugal slurry pumps manufacturer products output value is the highest. ) 

    Although there are many strengths centrifugal slurry pumps manufacturer, but it also has its weaknesses, such as the need to prime the slurry pumps manufacturer before starting the liquid viscosity on slurry pumps manufacturer performance have a greater impact. Limiting viscosity transmission fluid slurry pumps manufacturer shown in Figure 1-2, the figure ηw is transported room temperature water when the slurry pumps manufacturer efficiency. Figure 1-2 shows that the flow of a centrifugal slurry pumps manufacturer, the viscosity of a corresponding limit, if the liquid viscosity, the viscosity exceeds this limit, the slurry pumps manufacturer efficiency will be rapidly reduced, or even not work.Reciprocating motion of the piston to transport liquids device called a piston slurry pumps manufacturer. 

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