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There are several ways of slurry seal


Slurry is a solid, a liquid mixture equipment energy increase, in order to ensure the quality of their work, we must do a good job in equipment sealing work, there are three kinds of the common seal.


First of all, the slurry pump with packing seal, seal way as one of the most common, is through the shaft seal water way continuous injection pressure in filling water, but also to prevent the pump slurry leakage in vitro, but not suitable for the tandem pump shaft seal for leaves, to use packing shaft seal.


Then, the slurry pump can also be used for vice impeller seal, it is the impeller force through a reverse centrifugal force to prevent the leakage of plasma in vitro, when the pump inlet pressure value is not greater than the value of 10% for the outlet pressure when the first stage pump can adopt the vice impeller shaft seal, this method does not need to seal water, not diluted slurry, and good sealing effect.


Finally, the slurry pump with mechanical seal, the seal is usually used for high way, chemical and food industry, but the high cost, difficult to repair.

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