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In order to ensure the efficient operation of the slurry pumps manufacturer must be periodically (using a period of time, in the case of constant operating conditions, the current slowly drops) to adjust the gap between impeller and front fender to keep it between 0.75-1.00mm. Adjust as follows:

(A) in the open bracket for slurry pumps manufacturer

Impeller and front fender gap should be 0.75 ~ 1.00mm, generally is factory tuned. If you find this gap does not meet the requirements, should be adjusted; operation found the problem should also be adjusted down. The slurry pumps manufacturer in the open bracket to adjust according to the following method:

① Loosen compression nut bracket cover;

② Loosen the bearing housing adjustment screw;

③ Tighten the compression nut bearing housing, the rotor assembly moves to the head, while tightening the side plate car until the disk stops.Note that turning the direction of the slurry pumps manufacturer should be turned to the work.

④ with a feeler end bracket bearing housing flange and the gap δ = a; At this point, the impeller and the front fender gap is 0.

⑤ Loosen compression nut bearing housing;

⑥ Tighten adjustment screw bearing housing, the rotor assembly to the motor direction, with a feeler gap δ, until δ = a + (0.75 ~ 1.00) mm up(large slurry pumps manufacturer whichever is greater), note that the gap should be uniform;

⑦ Tighten compression nut bearing housing, so that the axial position of the rotor completely fixed.

(2) a slurry pumps manufacturer for cylinder bracket (see Figure 8)

Impeller and front fender gap should be 0.75 ~ 1.00mm, generally is factory tuned. If you find this gap does not meet the requirements, shall be adjusted as follows:

① Loosen the bracket plate nuts;

② adjustment screw screw, so that the rotor moves forward, side tone side plate car until the plate does not move far, attention should be directed to turning the steering slurry pumps manufacturer line;

③ with stylus holder and cheese in the characterization of the binding site of a straight line as a marker;

④ adjustment screw nut, the rotor assembly after moving backward 0.75 ~ 1.00mm (large slurry pumps manufacturer whichever is greater), locking adjustment nut fixing the axial position of the rotor;

⑤ Tighten the bracket plate nuts.

10 often detect bearing temperature should not exceed 75 ℃.

11 800 hours of continuous operation the slurry pumps manufacturer thoroughly after oil change once.

12 weekly standby slurry pumps manufacturer should rotate 1/4 turn to the shaft to withstand static load evenly and external vibrations.

13 If the down time is longer, start again before using recoil sediment water rinse before the slurry pumps manufacturer starts.

14. Always check the inlet and outlet pipe loose way system support mechanism, to ensure that solid support, the slurry pumps manufacturer is not supporting force.

15. Always check the slurry pumps manufacturer on the foundation fastening, connection should be solid and reliable.

16 Special Note: The new slurry pumps manufacturer installation and after maintenance, be sure to try a good motor turning, and then put on the coupling studs. With a belt drive, which improves test backwards, and then loaded belts, and can not be motor driven slurry pumps manufacturer reversal. But allows the motor case of power failure, the slurry pumps manufacturer tube of liquid backflow reversal, but note that the height difference particularly large (≥ 80m) method should be used to prevent backflow backwater to control the slurry pumps manufacturer suddenly reversed.

17 should be preceded by a slurry pumps manufacturer seal water and cooling water to open, and then open the slurry pumps manufacturer; stopping the slurry pumps manufacturer, over 15 minutes before they closed seal water and cooling water.



There are three ways slurry seal, varied, high-tech tell you the following three seals.

First slurry packing seal, is the most common kind of seal, seal water is injected in the form of continuously injecting a certain pressure inside the packing water, a slurry pumps manufacturer to prevent leakage: the seal suitable for use in expeller Tandem slurry pumps manufacturer, using the packing seal. Gland packing simple structure, easy maintenance, the price is cheap.

Second Vice impeller slurry pumps manufacturer seal, through a reverse impeller centrifugal force to prevent slurry leakage. Positive pressure in the slurry pumps manufacturer inlet slurry pumps manufacturer outlet pressure is not greater than 10% of the value of a single-stage or multi-stage tandem slurry pumps manufacturer slurry pumps manufacturer slurry pumps manufacturer can be used first vice impeller shaft seal, seal, vice impeller shaft seal with no water, dilute slurry body, and good sealing effect. Therefore, in the case of diluted slurry is not allowed, it can be considered such a seal.

Again, mechanical seals, the sealing is generally the case with relatively high demand. In particular, some chemical, food industry, not only requires sealing, but most are not allowed to add extra ingredients into the slurry pumps manufacturer. Disadvantage is the high cost of maintenance difficulties. As mentioned earlier, slurry pumps manufacturer performance curve is the movement of the liquid in the slurry pumps manufacturer's external representation. So, two similar slurry pumps manufacturer performance curves do with it? Or that two similar slurry pumps manufacturer parameters: flow Q, head H, power N, what is the relationship between efficiency η it? Here we want to introduce similar working conditions concept. 

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