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When the impeller rotates to drive the fluid , The fluid has a circular motion ( implicated op Action ) , as shown in 23 (a) in Fig. Its movement Speed is called the peripheral speed, with the symbol n Table Shown, the tangential direction of the circumferential direction, Size and where the radius and speed, there is Lian Qian plant ' (B) Figure 2-3 fluid movement within the impeller (A) a circular motion ; rb) recruit for sports ; ( . ) absolute exercise our powers off. Fluid movement along the impeller, said relative movement, as shown in 2-3 (b) shows the speed of its movement, said relative speed, with Symbol w indicates, the direction of the tangential direction of the blade, size, and shape of the flow and the flow channel. Fluid relatively static case Movement of said absolute motion, as shown in 2-3 (c) , the speed of its movement, said absolute velocity, with the symbol v that it is The vector sum of the two speeds, namely v = u + w Figure 2-4 velocity triangle By these three components of the velocity vector vector diagram, called the velocity triangle, such as Figure 2-4 shows. Fluid velocity triangle is the study of the importance of exercise in the impeller Tool. Absolute speed. Can be decomposed into two components perpendicular to each other : that is absolutely The circumferential direction of the velocity component V . And absolute speed in the axial plane ( via slurry pump manufacturer with the wind Machine's plane axis line ) the component of VM . Absolute velocity v the circumferential velocity Degrees. With the angle between a representation, called absolute velocity angle ; relative velocity w and Peripheral speed in the opposite direction by an angle 13 that is called flow angle. Blade tangent The circumferential velocity u of the angle between the opposite direction, called the blade mounting angle with the evening.

Representation.Fluid line motion along the blade type, the flow angle Zhao installation angle is equal to the wind. By the subscripts 1 and 2 represent blade inlet and outlet parameters, two blades represent an infinite number of parameters Number. Plot the degree of reduction. For slurry pump manufacturer Shanghai in 0. 75-0. 95 range, a small slurry pump manufacturer to take the lower limit, a large slurry pump manufacturer to take the high limit (3) the relative velocity : ,, direction or angle when the blade infinitely long months, the relative speed : . The direction of the blade mounting angle should be l3 in the same direction. 1 , are based on experience in the design of the selected value. Obtained 2 , II. And R , you can draw in proportion angular velocity steam. Third, the energy equation (filer equation ) and analysis ( a ) the derivation of the energy equation Energy equations of fluid mechanics is derived Momentum Theorem derived. Moment of momentum theorem states : In steady flow, the unit of time, the fluid mass moment of momentum for change is equal to the River Fluid on the external torque. To discuss issues of simplicity, still assuming an infinite number of impeller blades, and the infinitely thin and is ideal for non-viscous fluid Take cover and impeller blade into the front I-1 edge 1-1 , the Japanese side 2-2 for the border control body. Figure 2-6 (a) in Fig. , After dt time, the control body fluid, from 1-1 to move to the 1'-1 ', and the 2-2 move to the 2'-2 'position. Then dt when Engraved fluid axial plane angular momentum for change, should be dt control body fluid around the time difference between the angular momentum. Sand Z two Figure 2-6 Export citation dynamic site map moment changes For the steady flow of fluid, there were some 1'-1 'and 2-2 within the angular momentum constant so that the control body fluid Angular momentum change should be 2-2 to 2 '-21 and 1-1 to 1'-1 'angular momentum of the fluid within the difference. In steady flow, the continuity equation, inflow control surfaces 1-1 shall be equal to the outflow of the fluid control surface 2-2 stream Mu, set theory flowing flow impeller (] \ ", the fluid density is P , then do the control of flow time 1-1 and 2-2 of the fluid (3) by the formula (2-7) shows, H T - has nothing to do with the fluid density, fluid properties that has nothing to do with if the slurry pump manufacturer and fans Impeller same size, same speed, flow rate are equal, the fluid can be obtained by the theoretical head I [, - equal, that slurry pump manufacturerarising Produced by the liquid column column and fans of equal height. The P BU with fluid density.

Therefore, different density fluids arising The pressure is different. (4) The formula (2-9) in the first fluid flow through the impeller is increased after the kinetic energy, called kinetic head, with H,expressed. Section Two of the third term and to increase the pressure energy, called kinetic energy head, with H , expressed. (5) by the formula (2-10) shows, H1 and, : and z> two related, increasing speed, impeller diameter D: and absolute speed In the circumferential component : less : , k , can improve theory can head H1 , but increased D2 causes increased losses, reduce slurry pump manufacturer efficiency. Mention High speed, cavitation and materials are subject to restrictions. In comparison, with improved speed n to improve theory can head is still the current S & P Over the main method used. Two two and twenty ten exports installation angle of several related, in the next section. Fourth, the centrifugal impeller blade types of analysis co- V; • > d \ on " (h When the fluid in a), = 900 into the impeller, by the formula (2-10) shows that, when the impeller diameter D2 , speed, constant, circular Peripheral speed of 212 is constant, then the theory can head HT., and two : one about . while. 2 depends on the size of two traffic Cl: and leaf exports Installation angle heat. Thus, when the impeller geometry, speed, flow rate is constant, the theory can head H, only the wind, of the function. Installing wind blade outlet angle determines r blade type, generally there are three types of blades : Wind , t <900 , this blade bending direction opposite to the rotational direction of the impeller, Fig 2-7 (a) shows, as the rear Curved blades. Almost a a 90 , the blade of the LI is the radial direction, as shown in 2-7 (b) , the said radial blade. Qiu, > 900 , the bending direction of the impeller blades in the same direction of rotation, as shown in 2-7 (c) shows, as the front curved Leaves. Now on three different types of blades for the theory can head HTr, _ are analyzed as follows. ( a ) outlet blade installation angle hot one pair of H ', an impact For ease of analysis and comparison, assuming three kinds of impeller speed N , impeller diameter Dz , flow qv (qv = Av.,) and population of Parts are identical. Figure 2-7 (a) shows that when the exit velocity triangles too few a * = heat two max , the fluid can always get all of the kinetic energy of the head of the head. From the above analysis showed that : hot a_ increase in total energy head HT . Increased reaction degree : reduce, as 2-8 shows, That the wind -mm < heat a-<900 range, to obtain the total energy fluid, the pressure can be greater than the proportion of the kinetic energy ;when Wind a-= 900 , the total kinetic energy and pressure energy in each half ; while 900 < few aT: < winds. One mA , within the scope of the total energy Activity The proportion can be greater than the pressure energy. Should be noted that : r = 1 and r = 0 the two limiting cases, only the description of r in the range of no practical significance.

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