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Wear resistant slurry pump models

Wear resistant slurry pump into double pump shell slurry pump and single pump shell slurry pump.

Double pump shell slurry pump refers to the pump body and cover with a wear-resistant metal liner replaceable (including impeller, sheaths, etc.). Pump body and cover according to the working pressure with gray or nodular cast iron manufacturing, vertical in the open, connected by bolts. Pump body is provided with a rabbet and the bracket are connected by bolts. The outlet of the pump can be installed according to the eight angle of rotation. Front and back cover board of impeller with the back blade to reduce leakage and improve the service life of the pump. Shijiazhuang water pump factory wear-resistant slurry pump main models: AHslurry pump, AHR, ZJ rubber lined pump wear slurry pump, ZGBslurry pump, AF foam pump.

Single pump shell slurry pump (that is, without the liner), pump body, pump cover and impeller are made of wear-resistant metal manufacturing. Pump body, pump cover is connected with a special clamping structure, the pump outlet direction can be arbitrarily rotated, convenient installation and disassembly. The main types are: SP liquid slurry pump, gravel pump etc..

No matter is the double pump shell slurry pump or single pump shell slurry pump, over-current parts are made of high chromium alloy material (Cr26) of carefully crafted, with strong resistance, mainly used for metal, non-metallic mining, cement, heavy medium coal preparation, power and other industrial and mining enterprises, is the central component transport suspended particles slurry pump, it was known as the abrasion resistant slurry pump.

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