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What are the common fault of mud pump


Mud pump in after a period of use, the fault will often present various, in order to ensure the normal operation of equipment, timely find and solve.


Mud pump vibration, this is mainly because the pump shaft and the diesel engine is not concentric, the impeller is not balance or bearing damage; and replacing the bearings solved by adjusting concentricity, impeller as a balance test.


Mud pump water is slow because front lining board and impeller clearance, the outlet pipe can not be sealed air and emptying full of; can be solved by adjusting the clearance, adjust the water pipes and vacuum pumping device can be installed.


Mud pump wear is mainly because of the reason of construction environment, transportation distance and the water inlet pipe is too long cause; through the replacement of battlefield, add power units and indent inlet pipe length method to solve the reduced cavitation.

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