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What are the structural characteristics of submersible slurry pump


Structure characteristics of submersible pump:


1 the equipment motor pump for the dry structure, its accessories electrical and mechanical seal protection, can prevent high-pressure water and impurities into the motor cavity;


2 slurry pump with impeller stirring parts can be extracted, precipitation in the bottom of the impurity;


3 impeller and impeller are using high abrasion resistant material manufacturing, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, non clogging and sewage capability, can be through a larger solid particles;


4 the equipment not limited suction, suction slag with high efficiency, cleaning ability, do not need with auxiliary vacuum pump and agitation or spray device;


5 motor submersible underwater, without the need for building complex on the ground to protect and fixing device;


6 impeller direct contact with the sediment surface, through the depth to control the concentration of; can work under water, no noise, vibration;


7 pump from the drive depends on the direction of rotation is clockwise.

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