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What is the role in the slurry pump bushings use?

    Axis envelope to protect the shaft from wear and tear is not the role of the filler. Simple packing structure, reliable operation. But packing needs to be replaced, and the toxic, corrosive and precious liquid does not apply. In addition to packing seal, but also the use of the mechanical seal and new technologies of modern magnetic fluid seals. Mechanical seal it (rotate with the shaft and can move axially) from the ring, stationary ring, sealing gasket compression springs and other components. The end face of the ring by a spring clean and the water pressure tight fit on the stationary ring to form a radial seal and smooth, while the completion of the sealing gasket axial seal; thus constitute three seals, sealing off the slurry seal chamber All liquid leakage pathways. Its compact, mechanical wear, reliable sealing performance, but higher manufacturing process requirements.

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