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Where the advantages of small slurry pump

 Small slurry pump is a specialized machinery for drainage of mud in the drilling process, the drilling mud or water in transmission and other mechanical flushing fluid. The slurry pump is an important part of drilling equipment. It has some advantages below:
The 1 piston is bowl shaped nylon back self styled S type rubber piston amine fat, greatly improving the service life.
2 pull rod is provided with five seal seal, to prevent fluid end mud into the power end and the power end lubrication oil filter, reliable sealing, good performance. To prolong the service life of the gear.
3 into the drain valve with a steel ball, the valve cover is provided with a noise reduction rubber pad, can reduce the impact of noise.
4 pressure gauges with BY-1 type seismic pressure gauge, long life.
5 has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance.
6 be good, easy to repair and relocation

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