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ZJ slurry pump Use Case Analysis

March 2008, I plant in ash system transformation, the selection of the ZJ slurry pump. Except for the ash mixed conditions. Inhalation of intrusion. slurry pump design life of 3500 h, but the actual effect results only reach 2900 h. Flow components checked for damage found:

(1) The front fender fender combined inlet and along the circumferential direction drip melt rocks like destruction, damage, 2;

(2) volute appear dense irregular sizes tilt pits;

(3) the rearguard destroyed from the inside out, but gradually penetrate serious;

(4) main blade impeller back foliage has some damage, but the foliage back before serious damage;

slurry pump use often emerging issues; slurry pump parts in the course prone to problems; impeller, volute, front fender, rear fender with varying degrees of wear and tear; specific circumstances how;

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