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  Warm slurry pumps for sale device is actually wide doors and a warm valve associated with it warm tubing. Warm gate valve flange fixed in the water segment, warm slurry pumps for sale when it opens, allowing hot water through the slurry pumps for sale at all levels from the entrance gate to the outlet flow passage, cis-warm valve gate and the slurry pumps for sale tube routed warm sulfur water tanks. Since water continuously through the body, put it gradually warmed up. 

    These warm slurry pumps for sale is called being warm, there is also pour warm, even if part of the water from the outlet check the door into the slurry pumps for sale (through the orifice multistage depressed], order from back to front through the levels back to the inlet Lane. 

    warm water slurry pumps for sale is not, usually 1 to 3 m ^ 3 / h. 

    if the warm slurry pumps for sale, the inflow and outflow port are located in the top of the slurry pumps for sale, the slurry pumps for sale stage may cause uneven heating, thus the outlet located at the bottom of the slurry pumps for sale.   affect this gap What are the reasons? segmented multi-stage in slurry assembly is completed, in order to check its rotating part and the mutual position of the stator part is correct, should be carried out rotor axial traverse measurements 

    measuring method is: in front of axle balance disc beforehand put a small length of 10-45 mm washer, then put on a tight balance disc. measurement, the rotor should be in the first position of the center-stage impeller on (according to sign), after which the inlet side and the outlet Cheng turn on push until it stops. records to the inlet side and the outlet side ran a value, which is the need to move the trial of the rotor axial clearance. Generally said the two sides ran values are equal, or similar, if not, we must identify the reasons for adjustments. 

    effect axial movement clearance reasons: 

    1. certain slurry pumps for sale segment Set the impeller seal ring, such as axial guide vane sets the wrong size, bulge outward, affecting the normal shifting of the impeller, shown in Figure 4-15. Figure 1 is a impeller seal ring, two sets of guide vanes is. 

    2 The rotor on the individual wheel spacing does not, for example the front end of the impeller is too long a distance, the rotor is located on the center of the wheel set, then the final stage of the eyes on the output side of the impeller, causing the rotor to the output side of the blow Momentum reduce the contrary, if the distance between the last stage and the preceding stage is too short, the rotor will decrease the water inlet runout. 

    3. slurry pumps for sale cavity with debris, such as iron ballast, screws, etc., hindered turn axial traverse Some slurry pumps for sale assembly, flat keys fall into the slurry pumps for sale impeller, can also cause such consequences. 

    allowed axial movement away from the gap is too large, 1 to 2 mm is appropriate. 

    role in addition to the balance disc balance axial thrust, but also assume the role of the rotor axial positioning, therefore, to adjust the balance disc space, that is, to give a segmented multi-stage slurry pumps for sale rotor axial position. segmented multi-stage slurry pumps for sale rotor position must be set at channel impeller and guide vanes of the center position. 

    should be noted that the actual work balance disc gap is not adjustable, automatic operation it is always kept at 0.1 to 0.2 mm range. Here the word "adjusted balance disc clearance "habit is called," balance disc space, can only be understood here: the rotor and the guide vanes of the impeller of the center channel in the case, balance disc sealing surface of the axial gap, if the gap is too large, operation, due to the balance disc to automatically maintain its real gap, the rotor will traverse the inlet side, causing the impeller and guide vane right center, if the gap is too small, after the operation, the same reason the rotor to the outlet side of the traverse , also caused the impeller and guide vane right center after the operation in order to ensure the impeller and the guide vanes of the center position remains unchanged, balance disc Ho gap should be set at 0.1 to 0.2 mm 

    in order to achieve the above values in the balance disc gap is too large to put adjusting sleeve shortening part of the balance disc space over an hour on the replacement of an adjusting sleeve or long sleeve increased after adjusting the thickness of a proper gasket. segmented multi-stage slurry pumps for sale overhaul steps are: 

    First, the overall demolition 

    1 would slurry pumps for sale winched to the workplace. Prior to this end: 

    (a) open the slurry pumps for sale outlet flange bolts (there is a short section of the outlet pipe should be removed together, otherwise the slurry pumps for sale can not be vertical lifting). larger access to water, such as vacant when applying appropriate support from the object, 

    (2) Remove the slurry pumps for sale bolts, 

    (3) Remove the slurry pumps for sale and motor coupling pin; 

    (4) Balance after-hours to go into the water balance pipe discharge opening 

    (5) Bearings The oil in the drum interior, the 

    (6) is connected with the air tube system, cooling water, pressure gauge tube removed. 

    (2) before the overhaul technique records do, mainly: 

    (1) based on the slurry pumps for sale investment go before hanging, measuring electricity: machine and the axial distance between the slurry pumps for sale coupling, 

    (2) measuring balance disc and balance amount of wear ring can be reversed at the turn on the water side of the balance disc 11 and the balance at this time the upper ring 10 to check whether the original impeller centering mark also right. 

    (3) side of the axial movement of the rotor gap amount due before the restrictions did not split the balance disc rotor side ran to the water, so this is actually the amount of side only to the output side of the rotor runout order to obtain the water-side rotor runout, the balance may be preceded by removing the spacer plate, as previously shown in Figure 4-14. 

    (4) side bearing clearance volume, particularly is integral bearing, because it can not be adjusted between addition, it is necessary to determine whether pre-side capacity and needs to be replaced. 

    3. above work has been completed, the slurry pumps for sale can be started demolition; 

    (a) the water side of the bearing bracket 12 split off, and then move the child to a suitable balance disc removed. devolves to prevent rotation, can be used crowbars pinned couplings. 

    (2) middle staves bolts removed. 

    (3) with a wedge of iron to the water segment and middle sewing distraction, in order to prevent the support and take the water section of the process, the middle vibration Panasonic off, in the bottom of the mat should be pre-block. away the water segment, the last stage impeller also be taken away, if the impeller shaft the less tight, use a crowbar to pry the impeller moderate strength and pry the side with the copper side rapping impeller blade to pry the site of the best ribs in place, otherwise easily damage the impeller. use the same way to the previous level successive apart. various middle position between the font size to be marked in advance. 

    Second, check the clean 

    one as little bush Wen gap may continue to use, we must check the Ugyen wear, bodiless situation and asked the same as the previous chapters.

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