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    2 Check the shaft or sleeve wear, less severe abrasive polish is available. 

    3 Check the impeller for corrosion, especially the first-stage impeller slurry pumps for sale cavitation and some very powerful, can be replaced, such as lack of spare parts, but also the the first stage impeller with a few levels later exchange about using (the first stage impeller and after a few levels the same size). 

    4. cleaning slurry pumps for sale all the parts, including the middle section out of the water, the slurry pumps for sale shaft, impeller, stuffing box, bearing body staves screws, etc. with the parts of the surface to be cleaned more carefully. 

    5. Measurement impeller seal ring clearance, shall meet the quality standards for measuring the labyrinth sealing ring gap, for simplicity, to the impeller inlet button on the seal ring, so push the impeller. time readings [jitter value indicator) is the radial clearance of the sealing ring in order to prevent parts of the root unclear, the seal ring groove around the wire mat.   1. impeller 3, bushings 6, slurry pumps for saleshaft 4, etc. after passing the inspection is completed, you can make the rotor assembly. then placed in the axis of the impeller to the correct position, you can not favor either side. due to one side of the offset The impeller on the slurry pumps for sale housing will cause no concentric volute in order to prevent water leakage along the shaft, with the gasket between the pressure in the sleeve and the nut. slurry after assembly should be guaranteed apron compression nut and nut already tight against the sleeve, if not this Andrew, that there is a gap between the nut and the sleeve, so although there are tight when assembled apron force, but a long time tightening force will gradually disappear, the sleeve loose. sleeve loose might cause leakage along the shaft, but also ground shaft and bites flat key 4. 

    2 would filler cap, packing ring, packing gland, block oil ring, oil ring sequentially mounted on the shaft. careful not to forget equipment, installed anti-and reverse the order. 

    3. bearing friction at the shaft if any traces of chalk with water sandpaper coated with lighting (ie with a flat belt sandpaper wrapped around the shaft, and then two people each holding a belt back and forth pull). sleeve outer surface should also polish. 

    4. measuring rotor Akira degrees, or placed on a shelf in a special bearing on the slurry pumps for sale housing in order to move the disc does not wear the rotor bearing, should be on it pour a little oil. circulating slurry pumps for sale type is large, swaying be relaxed, swaying on the impeller guard ring for 0.20 mm, sleeve swaying for 0.10 mm, such as bushings Akira through the large, will accelerate the wear of the filler, and increase leakage. 

    5 the impeller seal ring 5 is in place, moving the slurry pumps for sale rotor to see if there is friction phenomenon and with a feeler sealing ring around the impeller clearance is uniform and if friction, such as friction in the sealing ring 5 above, it is necessary to consider in the next five padded, such as friction throw into confusion appeared in five of the bottom, we should consider raising the rotor (ie the bearing body and the slurry pumps for sale casing to fit the Mouth plus pads), but this time the impeller seal ring 5 must be satisfied that the drop in the end (available hammer test). adjustment plate moving rotor until lightly so far. 

    6. decide slurry pumps for sale housing with surface pad thickness. If the impeller seal ring 5 and overhaul as before, there is no pick up , then the joint surface of the pad to take the original thickness. If the seal ring 5 has been lifted up, slurry pumps for sale combined thickness of the pad surface will thicken much thicker lead wire with the pressure measurement, shown in Figure 4-28. general slurry pumps for sale cover tight seal ring on the impeller force of 0.00-0.03 mm after the new pads do, both sides painted black lead powder, combined with auxiliary horizontal surface in the slurry pumps for sale NOTE lead powder must be clean, not a ballast blocks at the stuffing box pad to do extra careful, be sure to make pad flush with the edge of the stuffing box if done short, illustrated in Figure 4-29, will make packing live, a lot of leakage, resulting in rework. 

    7. slurry pumps for sale cover fasten, tighten the bolts on the joint surface. moving rotor disc to see if there is a different feeling with the front if the disc does not move or send stagnation, it may be combined with surface pad so thin, the impeller slurry pumps for sale cover seal ring 5 squash , Mozhao impeller if there is no unusual problems, you can put up the trachea, sealing pipe threads, etc. Even better, fillers plus (time to tight coupling center to be looking after the tight end). 

    8. assembled bearing, measure the gap clamping force. Scroll slurry pumps for saleing bearing 20 is to limit the axial movement of the rotor, the clamping force should be a good tune and then oiling (to prevent rusting). 

    9 At this point, the slurry pumps for sale operator's own work has been completed. following work is linked coupling to find the center. circulating slurry (48Sh-22) find the center, are generally adjust the motor bearing support (feed slurry pumps for sale, too), so look for the center will cause the movement of the rotor in order to ensure the motor rotor and the stator concentric, and afterwards the stator should be adjusted electrically. 

    10. started testing the joint surface, etc. check whether there is water leakage, pressure gauge, ammeter reading is normal, the slurry pumps for sale without vibration, abnormal noise, etc. If everything goes well, the device may be handed operation. 

    For other horizontal split casing slurry pumps for sales multistage level, such as: 8SN5 x 3, with its overhaul of the specific steps the same way as described above Sh slurry pumps for sale, just a few more on the rotor impeller Bale. pair of vertical slotted volute slurry pumps for sale, such as 12NL condensate slurry pumps for sale, with its maintenance steps are similar to this. due to mechanical seal with low friction, long life, no leakage, etc., so the mechanical seal is increasingly widely used. 

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