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    If horizontal slurry pumps for sales running at design flow, although some air leakage into, but slurry pumps for sale flow of the large volume of air that leaks into v. and water volume v, the proportion is small, the performance of the air of a small ring-shaped and continuously taken away by water, the stream is reduced, the air gradually increasing the proportion due to the proportion of air is only a few percent of water, by the action of centrifugal force when the impeller is very small, will cause the slurry pumps for sale head is reduced, reducing the drainage basin. air volume V with a larger proportion of the volume of water, then This shaped ring more serious in the small flow, the air ratio is much larger than the normal situation, the operating point of the slurry pumps for sale characteristic curve is located on the lower, such as flow reduced to Q ', the corresponding Va / Vw = 0.08, then the slurry pumps for sale operating point on the curve at point A on the 5, the head H 'is already very low, if H' is lower than the external female pipe pressure, the slurry pumps for sale on for no water, then continue to leak into the air to the slurry pumps for sale fell into the water, so there are leaks on the slurry pumps for sale, do not use in the operation or close the exit door off a small method to adjust volume. a horizontal slurry pumps for sale overboard and after, even though the exit door open can no longer restore the water supply, because then slurry pumps for sale full of air to stop the slurry pumps for sale to fill water slurry pumps for sale for serious leak, after filling water is difficult to play the water, because the slurry pumps for sale to a fixed speed during startup, and causes large amount of air leakage into the into the water, it is necessary to remove leak.   in a multistage slurry pumps for sale assembly, the impeller outlet channel are required and the inlet guide vane coincides with the center channel, so that the efficiency of the slurry was high if the two shift occurred, the impeller and the guide leaves not to the center, it will more or less reduce the efficiency of the slurry pumps for sale. slurry pumps for sale is required at all levels of size, provided that they meet the requirements in the first stage impeller right center, the subsequent stages is also centered. So in fact just check the first stage impeller hub on it. methods are: 

    the first stage impeller mounted on the shaft, drawn attention to the inlet sleeve or shaft shoulder to palm. then reversed in the first stage rotor the position of the center of the impeller, the impeller exit when the inner edge of the front cover bad road should guide vane channel wall with a difference of 2 mm., but unfortunately it also depends on the actual situation, such as guide vanes bad channel width of 20 mm, the impeller exit slot channel width of 17 mm, then the impeller on the center, should be 1.5 mm. 

    side volume, bow down by the sub-shaft, so the look from the top of the impeller, the value may be greater than 2 mm, seen from below, the value may be less than 2 mm , so it is best measured from the side of the shaft or leveling. 

    If the first stage impeller and guide vanes on the center, numerical meet the requirements, then the side of the coupling shaft make a mark. Usually this token can be used in and bearing end face Qi place 

    so that the assembly is finished, although you do not see the first stage impeller, but according to this mark, and also to know whether the impeller vanes right center.   slurry work, the rotor position is to be fixed, so as to guarantee 

    an impeller outlet guide vanes (or scroll) center line. 

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