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    vertical axis, the axis on the hardwood on (or square pad copper iron), concave side up, then use a hammer, twist stick beat, the concave surface of the shaft material by banging and Ting extension, the shaft alignment. twist rods are generally made with a hard Ke, the lower end of the arc to be consistent with the axial plane, the purpose is to play in the twist does not damage the shaft surface. twist can also be used as a stick with a brass rod. beat when start bending the biggest place to start, by playing in the range of one-third of the circumference, the shaft can be pre-drawn. third arc center frequency to be more play, the more the number of times to play both sides of the more less Initially straight fast, slow later in the twisting process of playing, should be measured in the change shaft bending, not played head 

    strut softer than the twist rod, and to a large contact surface with the shaft if the is not the case - namely supporting material is hard, with rail contact surfaces and small, then twisted together to fight equal convex and concave surface, the axis is not easy straightening Aboutslurry role of bearing clearance in front of 28 ask already talked about in order to ensure the correct bearing gap in maintenance shall be measured 

    measurement method is: will cast lead wire on the shaft and the upper and lower watts combined surface. attention on the shaft diameter lead wire should be uppermost, and both sides of the lead wire to with lead wire on the corresponding shaft, shown in Figure 4-5, then put on the tile, bearing caps fasten with bolts tightened. bolts symmetry when biased in the direction, it does not matter as much as possible bias. galvanized wire after flattening measured with a micrometer its thickness, attention shaft to take the lead wire uppermost value. measurement results averaged, the average thickness as shown in the lead wire after: 

top value of (0.70 ten 0.50) / 2 = 0.60 mm 

  with face value of (0.40 + 0.60 + 0.20 ten 0.40) / 4 = 0.40 mm is obviously at the top 0.60 a 0.40 = 20 mm gap. tip clearance shall comply 0.002D, if it does not, on the upper and lower surface of tile combined with a padded mat or minus adjustments. 

    Slurry side bearing clearance with a feeler to measure, its value for the top half of the gap. overall sliding bearings, top and side clearance must be measured with a feeler. 

    bush bearing cap bearing the body is pressing, if pressed tight force is too small, will make the tile beating, clamping force is too large, but also easy to make on the tile deformation (especially bearings, clamping force is too large radial clearance will disappear). bearing clamping force approach and the pressure gap the same way, but the lead wire laying position has changed and if the value is less than the top of the joint surface value, the tightening force is general slurry pumps for sale tightening force on the sliding bearings 0.01-0.05 mm for rolling bearings, the clamping force to be smaller, is a 0.01 to ten 0.01 mm. inappropriate when combined with the surface of the bearing cap adjustable shim thickness.   operating under negative pressure conditions horizontal slurry pumps for sale , inlet pipe and the slurry pumps for sale inlet pressure below ambient atmospheric pressure, so the air will from some of the imprecise place (joint surface or seal) to slurry pumps for sale leakage of air leakage into the slurry pumps for sale after a great influence on its performance. 

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