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Slurry from the physics principle, belong to a centrifugal slurry pumps manufacturer, conceptually refers to centrifugal force (slurry pumps manufacturer impeller rotation) the role of the solid-liquid mixed media kind of mechanical energy increases, converts electrical energy medium kinetic and potential energy of the device.Is the name of slurry from the perspective of the transmission medium to divide a centrifugal slurry pumps manufacturer. Another slurry from different angles can also be divided into different types of concrete:




As in recent years, so-called slurry material transport larger particles evolved out of a high efficiency, relatively strong performance of centrifugal slurry pumps manufacturers, coal preparation plant is currently in the process one of the indispensable equipment.

Slurry according to different principles into a single stage / multi-stage, single suction / double suction, cantilever horizontal / vertical



And a slurry pumps manufacturer casing in the open horizontal / vertical and combination type, as shown, the basic structure of the impeller, the slurry pumps manufacturer casing, shaft, bearings and brackets composition further includes a motor power of

Wheel or belt wheel couplings, wear parts include liner bushings, etc., seals, including seals, vice impeller, the support member comprises a bracket, etc., but the principle is the same inside, when the impeller rotates quickly, leaves Soon the media to promote rotation, rotation of the medium under the effect of centrifugal force in the fly wheel, the media is thrown from the slurry pumps manufacturer, the impeller of the central portion of the vacuum area, the medium at atmospheric pressure (or pressure) under the action through the pipe network pressure to the feed tube. This endless cycle, you can achieve a continuous feed, so as to achieve the requirements of process design head and flow. Of course, feeding methods currently used push-through, that is above material into the feeding tube, you can subtract from the pipes or slurry pumps manufacturer casing to the internal irrigation steps.[1]

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A number from the impeller into: single-stage and multi-stage slurry pumps manufacturer  

2 From the horizontal position of the shaft into: horizontal and vertical slurry pumps manufacturers slurry

3 From the way the water sucked into the impeller: single-suction and double suction slurry pumps manufacturer slurry pumps manufacturer

4 from the casing structure: horizontal and vertical in the open cantilever combine style

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Performance Parameters


Speed: Motor Direct Drive 2900/1480/980/730/590 r / min

Indirect transmission pulley meet customer requirements

Medium temperature: ≤ 80 ℃ special general up to 110 ℃

Solid mixture weight concentration: Mortar concentration ≤ 45% ≤ 60% pulp density

Flow Range: 30-2000m3 / h

Head range: 15-130m

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First talk about the relationship between centrifugal and slurry pumps manufacturers, slurry pumps manufacturers principle then is naturally clear. Centrifugal slurry pumps manufacturer from the original concept in terms of. There are many types of slurry pumps manufacturers, the angle can be classified according to several different categories. Centrifugal slurry pumps manufacturer works is divided, through centrifugal force to achieve a transmission medium pressurization process. Another common species include screw principle, the plunger principle, etc. can be divided into different centrifugal slurry pumps manufacturer principle. Having centrifugal slurry pumps manufacturer concept, say slurry pumps manufacturers, slurry pumps manufacturers is from a different angle to divide the slurry pumps manufacturer, that is, from the transmission medium to division. As the name implies, slurry containing waste transport solid particles and water mixture. However, in principle a centrifugal slurry pumps manufacturer belongs. So that these two concepts to speak clearly.

The main working parts of the slurry pumps manufacturer impeller and the casing, the impeller means is located within the housing shaft and the prime mover connected to form a whole. When the prime mover driven impeller rotates, the impeller rotates the blade to force the fluid, which leaves the fluid acting along its direction of movement, thereby forcing the fluid to increase the pressure potential energy and kinetic energy. At the same time, the fluid under the force of inertia, from the center to the edge of the flow to the impeller, and a high speed out of the impeller into the pressure chamber, and then is discharged via the diffuser, this process is called pressure water process. Meanwhile, since the fluid to the center of the edge of the impeller, a low-pressure region at the center of the impeller, when it has sufficient vacuum in the suction side under the action of pressure (generally atmospheric pressure), the fluid into the impeller through the suction chamber, this process is called absorption process.Continuous rotation of the impeller, the fluid will continuously sucked, to form a continuous work.

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