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Routine maintenance


1) bearing pressure, to meet the requirement of water at any time to adjust (or replace) the tightness of packing, do not cause leakage of slurry seal. And timely replacement of bushings.

2) replacement of the bearings, the bearing assembly must ensure that dust, oil cleaning, the slurry pumps manufacturer runs when the bearing temperature is generally not more than 60 - 650 ℃ is appropriate, the maximum does not exceed 750 ℃.

3) to ensure that the motor and slurry pumps manufacturer concentricity to ensure complete and accurate coupling elastic cushion, damaged should be replaced.

4) ensure that the slurry pumps manufacturer components and piping systems installed correctly, solid and reliable.

5) Parts of slurry pumps manufacturers are subject to wear in everyday use to pay attention to the loss of wearing parts, and timely repair or replace them.Slurry pumps manufacturer repair or replacement of wearing parts during assembly to ensure correct gap adjustment is reasonable, avoid tight astringent friction phenomenon.

6) slurry pumps manufacturer suction piping system must be no leakage state, while in operation should pay attention to whether there is clogging intake. Multi media for processing slurry with solid particles, so the intake grille to be placed in the slurry pumps manufacturer tank slurry can meet the requirement by the particles, reducing excessive material particles or long fibers into the slurry pumps manufacturer may be clogged sex.

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Selection Design


Selection of the design for the slurry pumps manufacturer slurry pumps manufacturer service life and operational stability has a great impact. A scientific and rational selection and design that will affect your ability to meet the optimum slurry efficient operating condition.


Slurry pumps manufacturer design

Efficient operation of the slurry pumps manufacturer has three characteristics:

First, the slurry pumps manufacturer operating efficiency is high, less wear and tear.

Second, the slurry pumps manufacturer flow components relatively long life, saving production costs.

Third, the entire mining stability of the system, not because of slurry pumps manufacturer operation problems affect the entire mining system work.

Therefore, pre-production, the user must have the ability to choose and select the strength of the company for the annual selection of slurry pumps manufacturer design. This will bring you great play overall efficiency. Then evaluate a selection of slurry pumps manufacturer manufacturers the ability it can refer to a number of factors? Today to provide several reference factors:

First, the company should have the most recent scientific selection guide. Generally, a slurry pumps manufacturer manufacturer to customer choice models are reference when designing Selection Manual. The data in this manual completely determines the scientific selection of slurry pumps manufacturer is scientific.

Second, experienced engineers. A selection of engineers with years of experience will be very important, because for many years to design and selection of outstanding participation in mining engineers have a deep practical experience, the customer needs a lot of experience on the mining conditions and the functioning of the slurry pumps manufacturer there is a strong practical experience. So they will be in the selection of design scientific and reasonable.

Third, is the company's overall design capabilities. This does not seem to step aside and selection, but if you choose a company lacking in design capabilities, it will also affect the quality of your slurry pumps manufacturer selection. Because mining can be used as a system to consider, not just a slurry pumps manufacturer problem, but the entire mining system and therefore will involve a lot of equipment in the system running, so the company when the model selection slurry must have an overall system design capabilities.

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Industry Standard



This standard applies to transport liquid containing suspended solids (such as ores, ash, coal, silt, and gravel, etc.) of the slurry pumps manufacturer. The solid-liquid mixture is transported temperature generally does not exceed 80 ° C (gel slurry pumps manufacturer liner bivalve slurry pumps manufacturer does not exceed 60 ° C).


2.1 High Head Slurry pumps manufacturer: set point higher than 50m lift slurry pumps manufacturer.

2.2 low lift slurry pumps manufacturers: set point less than or equal 50m lift slurry pumps manufacturer.

2.3 the cross-section Minimum size: impeller, housing and other flow components of the flow channel cross section minimum size.

2.4 Overcurrent consumable parts: the abrasive slurry and easy failure of parts, such as impellers, double-shell jacket and shield slurry pumps manufacturer, single-hull  and slurry pumps manufacturer cover.

2.5 Chenjiao piece metal skeleton: Keep the rubber from the rubber supporting the role of fixed metal structures.

2.6 The first critical speed: Slurry pumps manufacturer rotating part of the first (lowest) horizontal natural frequency coincident with the rotational frequency of the slurry pumps manufacturer speed.


3.1 slurry pumps manufacturer is single stage, single suction, axial suction slurry pumps manufacturer according to the structure and direction of the slurry pumps manufacturer casing is divided into about three structures:

3.1.1 Horizontal having inner and outer shells bivalve slurry pumps manufacturer - for various discharge outlet diameter of the slurry pumps manufacturer, the inner shell material including metal, rubber, and other non-metallic materials, three different materials in the same inner shell enclosure shall be interchangeable.

3.1.2 Vertical or horizontal single-hull slurry pumps manufacturer - for discharge diameter less than or equal to 200mm low-lift slurry pumps manufacturer

3.2 The drive end shaft clockwise.

3.3 The use of auxiliary impeller slurry pumps manufacturer seal type, its efficiency allows up to 5% lower.

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