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    Liquid entering the impeller blades, the fluid velocity changes in the size and direction of fluid movement is not completely consistent with the direction of the blade, so there is shock loss and eddy losses, shown in Figure 2-18. Centrifugal slurry pumps manufacturers work at off-design conditions, due to the flow direction and the direction of deviation from the larger leaves, so the losses are even greater. In addition, the liquid flow impeller and export losses, export losses are generally relatively small and can be neglected. 

    (3) out of the liquid in the pressure chamber of the hydraulic losses include friction losses along the way, in the pressure of the chamber entrance, diffuser, bend the impact of loss and eddy losses, as well as export losses. As the liquid in the pressure chamber, the flow rate of the higher water loss is large, it is often because of inadequate pressure out of the slurry pumps manufacturer chamber design hydraulic losses soar. 

    Some people have used specific speed ns = 90 segmented in a multi-stage slurry pumps manufacturer as a model for the analysis of hydraulic loss, as measured by test methods shown in Figure 2-19 Flow components the size of various parts of hydraulic losses, are listed in Table 2-2 

    can be seen from Table 2-2, almost half of the hydraulic losses occur in the inlet guide vane to the missile leaves the region between the outlet, that is, in the design of centrifugal slurry pumps manufacturers, only the attention improved hydraulic performance impeller with ways to improve the efficiency of the slurry pumps manufacturer is not comprehensive, and only the pressure chamber and the impeller of the uniform consideration in order to achieve better results. Table 2-2 also shows that the liquid leaves the guide bend loss of the larger, To reduce the loss, reduce the liquid velocity at the turning vane is important. In practice, there have been a number of products produced, due to the bend in the guide vane passage there are many flash, burrs and other casting defects, hindering the smooth flow of the slurry pumps manufacturer performance and efficiency decreased significantly, in clear casting defects, the slurry pumps manufacturer increased efficiency of 2-3%.

Centrifugal slurry pumps manufacturers on both signs, signs marked on the slurry pumps manufacturer model, the main parameters and indicators that the slurry pumps manufacturer performance parameters called slurry pumps manufacturer performance parameters such as flow rate Q, Head Speed H, power N, efficiency η, cavitation margin Δh (or vacuum suction Hs), etc. 

First, the traffic 

    flow also known as displacement, Yang, water, etc., is the slurry pumps manufacturer of liquid discharged per unit time the number of volume units and weight units with two representations. 

    Volume flow with the Q expressed in units of m ^ 3 / s, m ^ 3 / h and l / s and so on. 

    Weight flow expressed by G, tonnes / h, kg / s and so on. 

    Weight and volume flow rate G of p relationship: G = γQ 

    where γ --- heavy liquid (kg / m ^ 3). 

Second, the head 

    unit weight of the liquid through the slurry pumps manufacturer is known as the energy gained head, also known as total head or full head, denoted by H, in units of (kg - m) / kg, the kilogram to go, then get the head of the unit is meter liquid column, but the habit briefly meters. 

    The high-pressure slurry pumps manufacturer, is sometimes approximated by a slurry pumps manufacturer inlet and the outlet of the pressure difference (P2-P1) 

    indicates the size of the head, at this time, head H is expressed as: H = 10 ^ 4 (P2-P1) / γ-type towel P2 - the slurry pumps manufacturer outlet pressure (kg / cm ^ 2), P1 - the slurry pumps manufacturer inlet pressure (kg / cm ^ 2). 

Third, the rotational speed 

    is the speed of slurry pumps manufacturer shaft revolutions per minute, by n in rev / min.    Slurry slurry pumps manufacturer power is the shaft power, namely the power of the prime mover pass slurry pumps manufacturer with N said that the unit in kilowatts, sometimes with horsepower. 

    Weight of slurry pumps manufacturer flow and head of the product known as the effective power of the slurry pumps manufacturer to Ne, said unit (kg - m) / s, which was expressed as: Ne = GH = γQH 

    effective power unit expressed in kW, the above formula should be rewritten as: Ne = γQH/102 

    effective power units in horsepower should be rewritten as: Ne = γQH/75 

    slurry pumps manufacturer shaft power N and the effective power Ne is the difference between the power loss in the slurry pumps manufacturer, the base size can be a sequence to be measured. slurry pumps manufacturer efficiency of effective power Ne and the shaft power N ratio, and η, ie: η = Ne / N 

    that the effective power and efficiency of the sand, the slurry pumps manufacturer shaft power can be obtained N (kW ): N = γQH/102η 

    If the shaft power units of horsepower, then the above equation should be rewritten as: N = γQH/75η 

    formula often applied in the design calculations in the preliminary design, the slurry pumps manufacturer Q and H are known, may refer to the same type of information select a slurry pumps manufacturer or efficiency η values can be calculated using the formula of the slurry pumps manufacturer shaft power N. 

    In addition to the above parameters, the main parameters of the slurry pumps manufacturer there is more than the number of revolutions and NPSH. mechanical loss is slag slurry pumps manufacturer shaft seals, bearings and wheel disk friction loss of the power consumed. 

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