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without the motor drive for the wet seal slurry pump manufacturer configuration, Fig. 1-42 (b) diagram for the cooling system.Electricity Motif stator and rotor are made of waterproof PVC insulated cable around the system, the rotors are enclosed in a pressure housing and is therefore not Require any sealing structure, from the fundamental solution to the problem of leakage of the fluid being transported. In the slurry pump manufacturer and the motor between the heat Screen ( heat shield chamber is provided with air cooling and water cooling systems ); radially drilled with a plurality of holes serving as auxiliary impeller thrust plate, the electric Motif cavity of cooler water circulating through the motor, so the motor internal temperature of not more than 60'C , to ensure Winding insulation material can be within the allowable temperature. No seal circulating slurry pump manufacturer is characterized by a high suction pressure, temperature, flow, head low. No seal circulating slurry pump manufacturer traffic Approximately the same in each boiler unit water slurry pump manufacturer flows 3 ^ -4 times, but the head and the power ratio water slurry pump manufacturer smaller. In recent years, large power plants have started using the no seal loop slurry Pump Manufacturer , such as Tianjin Dagang Power Plant 320MW units Forced circulation boiler is equipped with three KSB 's LUVH2 X 300-495/1 type sealless circulating slurry Pump Manufacturer . slurry pump manufacturer's performance parameters As : Q,. = 2168m3 / h, H = 30. 17M, P = 200kW , the design pressure of 2.195X 104MPa, a temperature of 372'C ( a ) the structure of the blower Boiler furnace combustion requires sufficient air to the blower with blower Pressure is generally not more than 15 kPa . Currently widely used (r4-13.2 (73) High-efficiency airfoil backward curved blades centrifugal fans the structure shown in Figure 1-43 are Small, the fan impeller blades welded by arc cone-shaped front plate and the plate after plate Constituted the middle. Impeller Yi riveted on the wheel, the wheel and the shaft Yi with flat keys Connection. In order to adjust the air flow in the fan inlet with axial or simple deflector. Recently Domestic 200MW units supporting this type blower is.

Drum Furnace Figure Bu were forced circulation system Modern large-capacity boiler blower greater use of axial flow, it has a compact structure, small footprint, high efficiency regulation Advantages. In recent years, the introduction of Germany Shanghai Blower Works TLT company axial fan technology for : 3100MW units supporting the use of FAF20 10-1 type variable pitch axial blower, its structure diagram shown in Figure 144 below. The fan consists of inlet boxes 1, A rotor ( rotor blades 6) , guide vanes 7 , main bearing 5 , the intermediate shaft 3, the coupling 10 and the casing 11 and out of the C7 connected pipeline expansion Expansion section 9 , hydraulic and lubricating joint petrol stations, diffuser and hydraulic adjusting device and other components. Figure 145 is the fan performance curve. Figure shows the design _L condition parameters qv = 540 .45 X10 'm Xi / h, p = 4) 18. 52Pa (420mmHA)), '1 = 86%; run the C state parameters (q,} -107. 5 X 10; m Ah h, p = 2745. 68Pa (280mmllzO) , knocking a 83% . Centrifugal slurry pump manufacturer and the fan is a prime mover drag impeller, the impeller blades acting on the fluid, so that the fluid Obtain pressure energy and kinetic energy. Thus, the impeller is to achieve fluid energy is converted to mechanical energy main components. A centrifugal slurry pump manufacturer and fan works slurry pump manufacturer and fan working process can figure 2-1 to illustrate. Figure 2 a a centrifugal slurry pump manufacturer and fans L for Schematic First filled with fluid in the impeller. And the impeller to take different directions A , B, C.. H few fluid, when the impeller rotates, fluid is also leaves each block Wheel drive with the spin. Then each will be subject to centrifugal fluid The effect, so that the fluid pressure can be improved, when fluid from the impeller Heart thrown to the outer edge of the impeller .

So impeller center O is formed at a vacuum. External fluid at atmospheric pressure, continuously sliding the suction tube To 0 at the supplement, just to get the energy of the fluid from the impeller is shed volute , The part and the kinetic energy into pressure energy, and along the pipe discharge pressure Out. As the impeller rotates continuously to form a slurry pump manufacturer in continuous operation and fan For the process. More on centrifugal slurry pump manufacturer and fans working principle qualitative Analysis. It is further pressure on the fluid through the impeller can be elevated quantitative Analyzed as follows : Figure 2-2 shows assumptions when impeller inside and outer edges closed, the fluid in the impeller does not flow along the flow path, while the fluid Nor between the relative flow, that the fluid flow path for rigid view. L -type pointed out : the fluid in a closed impeller for rotation within a day ; [ a a pressure difference and the angular velocity of rotation of the impeller ° '"proportional relationship changes ; and out of " a diameter of the inner diameter of the smaller diameter the greater the pressure i The greater the difference, but if you enter Outlet diameter restrictions are subject to certain conditions : day _ proportional to density changes in the density of the fluid pressure differential is greater Second, the movement of the fluid in the impeller and the velocity triangle To discuss the interaction between the impeller and the fluid energy conversion, we must first understand the movement of fluid in the impeller, due The movement of fluid in the impeller is more complex, such as this for F assumptions : Day _ impeller blades is infinite and infinitely thin, ie Strict fluid particles flow along the blade profile, which is the fluid particle trajectory curve of the blade shape coincide ; Required Ideal fluid, the fluid that is non-sticky, viscous mountain not consider the energy generated losses ; ③ for unsteady fluid flow [ In addition to the fluid in the impeller rotates, but also from the impeller into the " 1 to a " J flows, so the fluid in the impeller Sport is a complex exercise.

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